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Rosary & Chaplet

Look back at yourself

Your time.

May is Our Lady's Month. In Catholicism, devotion to the Virgin Mary flourished in Italy in the 18th century.

With the arrival of spring, you can feel the energy of the natural world powerfully.

It will be a month full of joy and hope after the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

​ "Holy Rosario", which is said to be the crown of the Virgin Mary's rose in May,

Then, with the "chaplet", which is said to be the corolla, the blessing of the Virgin Mary,

And why not make time to look back at yourself with the blessings and protection of the angels?

We have made authentic rosaries, easy-to-use chaplets, necklaces, and bracelets from medai, cloth, and charms collected from Italy, France, and the United States.

Always spend time with the blessings of the Virgin Mary, Jesus Christ, and the angels.

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A separate shipping fee will be charged for the item amount.

Flat rate of 1500 yen for shipping from overseas

Dark Purple Pyrite rosary


Moon stone& milky aquamarine

ムーンストーン&ミルキーアクアマリンロザリオ¥15800-Sold out

Our Lady of Guadalupe rosary


Carnelian &clear crystal Rosary

カーネリアン&水晶 ロザリオネックレス¥9800-Sold out

Angel chaplet


Guardian angel chaplet

守護天使チャプレット ¥3800-売約済み

Rosary bracelet


Angel bracelet

大天使ミカエル&守護天使ブレスレット¥5800-Sold out

Rosary bracelet

ローズクォーツ&水晶 ロザリオブレスレット¥7800-

Angel bracelet



ガーネット薔薇羽根 ネックレス¥8800-


ガーネット 薔薇十字架ネックレス¥8800-

Moon stone angel wing cross

ムーンストーン エンジェルクロス チョーカー¥7800-

Clear crystal angel wing cross

水晶 エンジェルクロスチョーカー¥7800-

Angel earring


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