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Smartphone amulet image

Acchi & Togitsu Kana collaboration

The illustrations I have drawn for 20 years are back as smartphone wallpapers.

Illustrations that were also sold as cards, such as colored pencil drawings and watercolors.

A selection of energy art from a number of illustrations

Corrected and arranged as a smartphone wallpaper.

Each picture already has its own meaning

To that energy art

<Rainbow maintenance shop> Kana Togitsu gives each of you energy harmony.

Maximize the energy of the image to match the image,

We will deliver it to you.

"Eggs. 』\


It is the new earth that cute angels are waiting for their birth.

We wrap the rebirth of the earth with love and carefully nurture it.

Kana Togitsu in this image

It will add the grounding energy that suits you.

We are rooted in this new earth!

​ Energy circulates in the figure of eight.



『360度宇宙の法則』という意味を持つこの絵。 物事は360度の方向性を持ち、360度の視点を持つことで無限に可能性は広がる。 そんな宇宙のエネルギーに照らされながら、ほっと一息ついてください。



可愛い天使ちゃん達が、誕生を今か今かと待ち侘びているのは、新生地球。 地球の再誕を愛で包み込み、大切に大切に育てています。 この画像に時津かなさんが、 あなたに合ったグランディングエネルギーを添えてくれます。 この新生地球に根ざす私たち! ​8の字にエネルギーが循環します。

It will increase irregularly. The previous work is also available for purchase.

The person in charge of application

<Rainbow maintenance shop> It will be Togitsu Kana.

​ After submitting the form, please wait for the reply email and we will deliver the image as soon as the payment is confirmed.

​ Also, if you have any questions,

Please contact us from the inquiry .

As for the image, we will send you a JPEG file of 3 sizes according to the type of smartphone by e-mail.

Android 16: 9 (1080x1920px)
Android 18: 9 (1440x2880px)
iphone X (1125x2436px)
It will be.

We will sell new images on an irregular basis.

Smartphone amulet image (wallpaper) ¥ 3,000-

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