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Space God Inosaurus Aya Painting Mug

Sasana & Atchii collaboration

Kinkasan Koganeyama Shrine restoration donation plan

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The painting of Space God Inosaurus-Birth of a New Star-is now a mug.
The universe of "Onryu-san" where Sasana -san (Naoko Sasakawa) holds a session with Onryu-san (Yinryu) and "Onryu-san" who is active in the Onryu-san fan club (Facebook page). It is a work that depicts the appearance as an existence through my filter.

( Click here to purchase a picture as a painting )

This time, we will sell a limited number of mugs as a donation project for the restoration of Kinkasan Koganeyama Shrine in collaboration with Mr. Sasana .

Part of the sales revenue will be donated to Kinkasan Koganeyama Shrine.


Onryu-san (Inosaurus) is the energy of water veins and veins, and is also the protector of the economy.

I think that you can feel the "Onryu-san energy" with a drink (liquid is easy for energy to penetrate).


Space God Inosaurus Aya-Mag Cup-One piece 6800 yen.

(Breakdown mug 3800 + shipping fee 3000 shipped from the United States)

Since it will be shipped from the United States, it will take about 10 days to 2 weeks from shipping to arrival.
It will be treated as a fragile item and will be replaced if it is damaged upon arrival.

The first application period is from September 27th to October 5th.

Shipping will be from October 9th.

The number prepared as the first is 10.

The first shipment has ended.

You can apply for the second application using the form below.

It will be shipped in November as the second bullet. (to be decided)


We are waiting for your application.

Application form

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