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Medicine box support member

Freelance shrine maiden

Naoko Sasakawa-Sasa Nao-


Naoko Sasakawa

Freelance shrine maiden (messenger)

Hypnotherapist (MTR Institute 1st gen member sponsored by Hiromi Nagata)

Creative Master (Completed all "Master Course" of Laughter)

Naoden Yasuki Seminar Completed the first and second semesters

Tokyo Healing Lab Certified Healer

Narrator, event moderator

(Former local cable TV station announcer, video editing, program production)

Jibutsuta Ambassador (Ambassador of Note Promotion to Tell Yourself ♡)




I live with a gentle husband from Matsuyama, Shikoku, who is good at golf in Toronto, Canada, and a black dragon (name: Onryu) from Yushima, Tokyo, who is over 4000 years old.


He travels around the world and is busy with lectures and sessions.
I'm very lucky to meet you!

Hypnotherapy will be back soon! (looking forward to!)


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