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Kumara numerology

Kumahra Numerology

Reading report

What is Kumara Numerology?

By Mr. Tamio Kamisato (PCC numerology counselor) who has more than 60 years of research and achievements

Reading that makes use of numerology,

And, as a contactor, I, Acchi, receive a message from Kumara and wrap the report itself with Kumara's love.

This is a numerological report.

With the support of the Ascended Masters Kumara, the four representatives, Sananda Kumara, Sanat Kumara, Sanat Kumara, and Sanaka Kumara.

It is a numerological report that has been realized.

Sananda Kumara-Christ Consciousness Spirit

Sanat Kumara = Demon Lord, the spirit that is said to have descended from Venus

Sanatana Kumara-Moses Consciousness Spirit

Sanaka Kumara-Buddha Consciousness Spirit

I, who has 20 years of healing experience, and Mr. Uesato, who is also a big senior.

The two Kumara Healing Master Teachers have collaborated and

It is a leading report that is unique in that it contains Kumara energy.

Mr. Uesato's numerology includes readings taken down from Sanatana Kumara, and even those with the same absolute numerology will have different content.

I would like to hand over Mr. Uesato's Kumara numerology, which is unloaded from the vast treasure trove of information on Sanatana Kumara (Moses consciousness).

Kumara numerology

Invitation to the world of absolute numbers

Basic report (How you should read from numerology)

Guidance & support

Lucky number & lucky color

A message to you as a guide to your life


A word from Mr. Uesato

Message from Kumara (contactor is Acchi)

On pages 4-5 (There are some individual differences)

We will deliver it as a PDF file.

If you wish, we can also mail you a printed report.

(Mailing fee ¥ 500-additional.)


     ¥ 21,000-

It has ended.


Thank you for many applications.
I am grateful to have collaborated with Mr. Tamio Uesato (PCC numerology counselor).
Now that Mr. Uesato's internet connection has become difficult,
It will be temporarily suspended.

Also, I would like to restart at the right time.
Thank you for your cooperation when resuming.



Minyo Uesato / Born in Shuri, Naha City, Okinawa Prefecture in 1948.

Graduated from Shuri High School in 1967, but entered the Japan Institute of Electronic Engineering in Tokyo in 1969, but abandoned due to tuberculosis. Exploring parapsychology, health methods, etc .... I was most strongly influenced by Shinji Takahashi (founder of GLA from 1927 to 1976), who I met in 1972.

I took a spiritual spirit seminar in the Tokyo era → I got the qualification of teacher 1 and returned to Okinawa in 2000. From 2000 to 2006, he learned Kumara Healing (AQUA House Kumahra at that time) from Dr. Rieko Hosohara, the founder of Kumara Healing.

At the same time, he worked as a security guard at Shurijo Castle between 2000 and 2006.


Organizer Profile Sanchez Aya (Acchi) / Born in Inagi, Tokyo in 1971. Having a mother who has Taketomi Island in Okinawa as her hometown and a father from Miyagi prefecture, she grew up in Naha city, Okinawa prefecture from her teens. Having a godly lineage, he has had many relationships with invisible people from an early age. Some of our ancestors were active as healers. I will be prepared for a role in my late teens. I devote myself to learning in my daily life. Encountered the Ashtar Command and the Ascended Masters spacecraft in 1992. Cosmic learning has begun. After losing his mother in 1999, he met Reiki Healing through his aunt.

My aunt is the founder of Kumara Healing (then Kumahra Reiki AQUA House Kumahra). (Founded in 2000) I learned healing techniques from (Rieko Hosohara = Ascended Masters, Sananda Sanat Sanaka Sanatana), and made it into a textbook so that many people can learn it. )

In 2000, he met Mr. Uesato. (At Kumara Healing Course)

2007 Established Prism Blaze Healing Class. Active as a master teacher. (Modern Reiki, Overseas Reiki) Moved to the United States in 2009.

In 2016, he launched Cosmic Medicine, taking over Kumara Healing from the founder of his aunt Kumara Healing and becoming the organizer.

After working as a painter in Florida, USA,

Currently living in Arizona. As a healer, painter, and natural stone silver jeweler, he lives an artistic life.

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