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What is Earth's Bridge Healing?


The "Bridge Healing of the Earth" project started with the desire to connect with healers and light workers scattered all over the world and spread healing energy all over the world.

We are grateful for the many comments we received after the first session.

There were many points that were difficult to understand and points of reflection.

In order to hold the second and subsequent sessions, I will give a detailed explanation, including raising awareness.




Healers from all over the world want to hold a healing event in which healers from all over the world can participate in each form while talking with the earth and the universe, making use of the healing experience that three healers have accumulated as the founders. "is.


One of Reiki's healing methods is remote healing.

Remote healing is a method that can send healing energy to distant places, past and future.


There will be remote healing by other healing as well as Reiki healing.

It is this healing event that makes use of the remote healing method and uses the method of sending healing energy to other places, spaces, and times.

The healer himself receives the life energy that falls from the universe, becomes a pipe that connects to the earth, and sends that energy to each place, person, and space.


It is "participation" in this healing event that you receive the healing energy sent out and pass it on to the next place or space like a relay.

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