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It is "Acchi" sponsored by Cosmic Medicine.

I like to use my hands from an early age.

Meanwhile, I came across a technique called healing.

Taking advantage of my experience as a healer for 23 years, I would like to give you many treasures that I have gained.

Launched Cosmic Medicine.

I hope you can easily choose the healing you need and enjoy it together.

We look forward to working with you in the future.


Aya Sanchez, also known as Acchi-M∞N



Cosmic Medicine Healing Artist

Cosmic Medicine Kumara Healing Lecturer

Spiritual painter (artist)

Natural stone jewelry artist


-Healer history-

Organizer Profile Sanchez Aya (Acchi)
/ Born in Inagi, Tokyo in 1971.
Having a mother who has Okinawa as her hometown and a father from Miyagi prefecture, she grew up in Naha city, Okinawa prefecture from her teens.

Having a godly lineage, he has had many relationships with invisible people from an early age. Some of our ancestors were active as healers.


Demonstrate psychic abilities from an early age.

I will be prepared for a role in my late teens.

I devote myself to learning in my daily life.


Encountered a spaceship of ascended masters in 1992. Cosmic learning has begun.


After losing his mother in 1999, he met Reiki Healing through his aunt.

My aunt is the founder of Kumara Healing (then Kumahra Reiki AQUA House Kumahra).

Healing techniques were learned from (Rieko Hosohara = Ascended Masters, Sananda Sanat Sanaka Sanatana, founded in 2000), and the text was written so that many people could learn. )

2000 Meet Mr. Uesato, a PCC numerology counselor. (At Kumara Healing Course)

January 26, 2006 Acquired Hyundai Reiki Master Master.

2007 Established Prism Blaze Healing Class. Active as a master teacher.

(Modern Reiki, Overseas Reiki)


Moved to the United States in 2009.

In 2016, he launched Cosmic Medicine, taking over Kumara Healing from the founder of his aunt Kumara Healing and becoming the organizer.

At the same time, planning "Healing for the Bridge of the Earth"

The first participatory healing of remote healing (a global healing marathon that participants receive and then pass on)

Teaching healing as a cosmic medicine healing class. (CMHealing)


Healing class is in progress online.

Menu <The amount may change slightly due to dollar fluctuations. >

Remote healing

Self-Transforming Diamond Healing (Remote) ----- $ 350-

Chakra clearing Healing is applied, and the self-transformation that occurs when the entire chakra is arranged and shining.

The original way and the original appearance will appear.
The first step towards becoming one with the higher self.

Healing that opens the 8th chakra and the 0th chakra at your feet.

After the healing is completed, we will report the healing by online talk and text (report). Online talk is about 1 to 2 hours. (We also accept reports only at your convenience.)

Chakra Clearing Healing (remote ) ----- $ 150-  

Healing the 1st to 7th chakras + pink chakras (4th sub) will promote the brilliance of the original self. Life energy is activated, and the energy of the whole body and mind is adjusted.

After healing, we will produce a report and send it by email.

Self-transforming diamond healing (remote) total set

Remote healing, chakra clearing, self-transforming healing, remote healing set ----- $ 550

It's a two-week set of remote healing, chakra clearing, self-transforming healing, and follow-up remote healing.
It will be a healing that gradually gets used to, so it is recommended for beginners.

Self-transforming diamond healing (remote)

Healing with image ----- $ 550-

Only for those who have undergone self-transformation healing

Applying for an image picture ----- $ 200-

Self-Transforming Diamond Healing Total Set (Remote)

(With image) ---------- $ 700-


When you receive self-transformation diamond healing, there is a transformational image that appears during healing. It may be your own higher self, or it may be an image of your current state (or potential).
I will give you the image as a picture.

We will send you a laminated card with a JPG image file.

* The copyright of the paintings I made is owned by me.
I think it may be used for calendars and solo exhibitions.
Please understand. (Personal information will not be disclosed.)

Please be sure to read " About Remote Healing " before applying.

Regular applications for both self-transforming diamond healing and chakra clearing healing are possible, and many repeaters.

Cosmic Medicine Healing Class-The whole process-

(On Skype, Line, Messenger Video Chat, etc.

--- You will receive them in order from the basic. )

Basic (Reiki 1) each  $ 350-

Basic (Reiki 2 ) each  $ 350-

Basic (Reiki 3 ) each  $ 550-

Diamond healing     $ 550-

Kumara healing     $ 550-

(Each course period is 1 month, 1 week for 3 days)

Please contact us to apply.

The course text will be sent as a PDF file.

It is displayed in dollars due to yen fluctuations.

Payment is by Paypal or credit card,

It will be a deposit to Japan Post Bank.

In the case of PayPal, the price includes the handling fee.

Click the application button below to "contact us"

Please apply.

It would be helpful if you could briefly introduce yourself.

We will contact you as soon as we can confirm it.

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