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Diamond healing technique

Chakra clearing ​

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Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning "wheel" and refers to the "energy center" inside the body.

Humans have energy centers in their bodies that are directly connected to the main internal organs and endocrine glands of each part, and absorb energy (color, etc.) from various frequency layers.

The chakras rotate like wheels and emit energy that matches the frequency of each chakra.

It is said that humans have seven basic chakras arranged along the spinal cord.

The seven chakras are directly connected to the internal organs and endocrine glands, and if something goes wrong, they will appear in the activation of the chakras at that site.

It is said that when the chakra is out of balance, it not only affects the physical health, but also emotions, thoughts, and mind.

By balancing the chakras, you will maintain your emotions, thoughts, mental health, and physical health, and various healing methods are introduced to balance them.

Each chakra has a specific frequency, and each of the seven chakras has a different color, from Tanda to red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, purple / white, and in recent years, a little green. It is said that there is a pink chakra on the top.

In addition to the physical ones, the seven chakras accumulate stagnation such as trauma, karma, trauma in this world, and negative energy brought from past lives.

Each chakra has several layers, and there is a layer that is deeply connected to the soul and the universe from the current superficial state.

It is this chakra clearing that heals and clears those layers over and over again.

I will give you a report on what the current chakra is like and what kind of state it has been cleared to.

Every person has his or her own energy allowance.

There are "problems" that emerge due to bad luck and "range that is currently acceptable" such as poor physical condition.

It will clear to the energy state as much as the allowance allows.

Therefore, the depth of clearing varies from person to person. Therefore, it can be said that there are individual differences.

If you receive it regularly, you will be able to clear deeper into the layers of each chakra.

It is a healing technique with many repeaters.

Since it will be a remote healing, the way to receive it is to declare "I will receive it" at a time when you can relax, and spend it while meditating (relaxing) to complete the reception. It takes about 15 to 30 minutes to receive it. After receiving it, please spend at least one hour relaxingly.


About evil

The improvement reaction and the poisonous reaction are called "evil".

A turnaround reaction is a phenomenon that occurs to restore balance when physical functions are not in harmony, and is a function that attempts to restore the original function.

In oriental medicine, it is regarded as one of the processes that goes through when a chronic illness is cured, and it seems that physical function deteriorates temporarily.

A poisoning reaction is a condition in which behavioral and mental improvements are required in daily life. In many cases, problems that are ready to be solved will be highlighted, and will become clearer as the mental health improves.

The bad broth period varies from person to person, but it is said to be about 21 days.

​ During the bad season, drink plenty of water and try to spend your time slowly.

Chakra clearing

Regular price ¥ 18,000-  

We will heal the people who applied for it one by one, so I think you will have to wait until your turn comes.

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