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《Cut and knot of the ice dragon》

It is an option only for those who go through the medicine box.

1 time ¥ 7500 (Please pay by bank transfer or PayPal)


Target: For those who are prepared to choose to change

Effect: The ice is cut and the necessary things are tied together for "preparation" so that things move at the best timing.


For those who are prepared to choose "change" from the current situation, along with your supporters, Hiriryu cuts off "unnecessary for you in the future" and is necessary for "acceleration in the future". I will tie things together.
This is a service for those who are ready to take one of the actions when they say "here".

* It will be a remote session. It will be set on the specified date, so please declare "I will receive it" when you receive the setting completion email.
Please drink plenty of water before and after receiving.













  1. Please fill in the necessary information from the above URL or QR code and send it.

  2. At this time, if you wish to cut or conclude a specific event, please fill in properly.

  3. An email will be sent to confirm the date and time. (Payment information can be found here)

  4. Please make payment within 3 business days of application. If it cannot be confirmed, it will be treated as a cancellation.

  5. You will receive a "setting completion email" on the scheduled date. After that, declare "I will receive it" (OK in my heart) at a convenient time.

* It is recommended to drink water before and after receiving.


  • It is not intended to be experienced.

  • The effect depends on "whether or not the person notices and acts". No refunds will be given for reasons such as ineffectiveness.

  • About 10% of people seem to feel drowsy and dizzy when they receive it. Just in case, please do not receive it while driving.

<< I will talk >> Intuitive advice

price  60 minutes ¥ 9000, then add ¥ 1000 every 10 minutes

Offer time  120 minutes

Even if you are worried about explanations, your situation, or something you cannot decide.
If you tell us what you want to know first, the basics are "I will ask you."

For those who want to get intuitive advice.

What thing? Please see the public monitor session .


(Free orientation + place of talk)

price  Free for 15 minutes (only once per person) Then every 10 minutes ¥ 1000

Offer time  45 minutes

Description One-time only The first 15 minutes are free.

If you want to talk as it is, please pay 1000 yen for 10 minutes later. (Maximum 45 minutes)

I can't promise if Hisato Ryu will speak to me.

What kind of person is Tomoko Tanaka? Those who are interested in it are welcome.

Hisato's room

price  20 minutes ¥ 4000, 10 minutes additional ¥ 1500

Offer time  60 minutes

Listening to the story with Tomoko Tanaka and Hisato Ryu, we will look for the answer you have together. Please have your question ready.


We accept from 20 minutes. Up to 60 minutes at a time.

Click here for session application and inquiries

Tomoko on air

In the video link here, Cosmic Medicine

It is on the air to talk with the people introduced in the "medicine box".

Tomoko On Air Extra Atchi & Akiyo Part 1

Tomoko On Air Extra Atchi & Akiyo Part 2

Tomoko on-air extra   Achi & Akiyo Part 3

Tomoko on-air extra   Achi & Akiyo Part 4

Tomoko on-air extra   Achi & Akiyo Part 5

Tomoko On Air New Kana & Atchii



My name is Tomoko Tanaka (Tomoko Tanaka).

I'm 48 years old with the goal of "unusual".

I didn't want to be "normal", so I made a vow (I don't need it, that's ...) and executed it for two and a half years.

If you get sleepy during class, go to bed. If you get tired of sleeping, go home.

No, I really did whatever I wanted.

As expected, physics that started in high school has been taken from the second grade to the second. However, contrary to my expectation, it seems that I can not jump out of the bottom except to finish the test with a blank sheet (?)

And it seems that I don't have the courage to that extent, so the "students who don't study" are over.

From there, I fell in love with physics, which I hadn't touched at all, but I couldn't go to the physics department. After all, I became a doctor who thought that I would be a ronin from an early age.

After graduating, I was a surgeon, but when I got married and gave birth, I was in a world where I was staring at the cells of a pathologist. Every day I reaffirmed that the small world is the universe.

I hate ordinary things, and when I was a surgeon, I aimed to become Doctors Without Borders (I didn't go), and lived in England for a year and worked as a "community organizer".

Immediately after returning to Japan, he got married and went to the United States because Otto (Japanese) was in the United States. After returning to Japan with his family, Otto returned to Salt Lake City, Utah, hoping to work in the United States, and decided to live in the United States with permanent residence.

In March 2017, I have been in the United States for a total of 13 years.

I was surprised myself.

It's been almost 10 years since I left medical care.

In an unfamiliar land where you can't let go of your title

Living as a single "Tanaka Tomoko" can be scary and at a loss.

How did other people find their place?

It was also during this time that I met and learned a lot of people.

How to find a place that is not in the textbook.

I needed it.

The 2011 Tohoku earthquake was also a major turning point for me, who was abroad.

My dream is to "bridge and connect". To that end, I am still investing in and operating social work from real estate investment.

During that time, I learned that the "understanding of the spiritual world" that I had completely denied deepened, and that the sound I was hearing (sounding in my brain) seemed to be something that not many people had. I came to understand the dragon, Hisato, who was at me, and finally became a general recognition of "Tanaka Tomoko".

I'm surprised that a "spi person" has emerged.

... The fact that the spiritual world (spiritual world) is around everyone, and that the world we can see, touch, and recognize is less than the sesame seeds in it, "where is it?" I think it's "before it hits", though.

As of 2018, I live in the United States with a 14-year-old son, a 15-year-old daughter, three cats, and three younger Otto.

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