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Earth Bridge Healing


Lightworkers scattered all over the world

I think you are excited to be attracted to the world full of light.

Everyone connected here is not only in Japan, but all over the world !!

The world of social internet!

It's not just in your computer that it stretches like a mesh like the net!

The life energy of light and the cosmic energy are also one of the networks that stretch around the universe.

The presence of a pillar of light called "you" on the earth is the connection between the networks that deliver the wonderful energy of light throughout the earth.

Become a radio tower (pillar of light) for cosmic energy healing,

Would you like to participate in the healing of the earth, to us living on the earth, to the many lives living on the earth, and to this bridge healing of the earth that envelops the entire universe and even the core of the earth?

We are looking for people who send out healing energy and who can connect the sent out healing energy to participants all over the world through "the radio tower (pillar of light) called ourselves".

The healing energy that connects in all directions reaches the participants scattered all over the world and becomes a network of healing energy in the universe, wrapping the earth.


The net penetrates into the core of the earth and connects to the universe.


Then, it reaches the Grade Central Sun, and the brilliant energy emitted from the Grade Central Sun is also delivered to the earth on the net we delivered.

It will permeate and purify everywhere on the planet.

We will not only connect people, but also regularly hold this earth bridge healing so that many lives and the core of the earth, the earth, the sea, the sky, all will shine even more than they are now.

Great Central Sun

It is said to be the sun in the center of the universe. With white light and golden sun, it is regarded as a source of life energy.

It is said to be the source of the love of the universe and the sacred energy rays.

(It is said that it exists in the center of the entire universe, not the sun of the solar system galaxy.)

Scheduled date

6th 2020 Local time in each area
From midnight on March 28th to midnight on March 30th

3 days


5th 2018 Local time From midnight on July 1st to midnight on 8th
​ 7 days

4th 2017 Local Time November 18 New Moon​ From midnight
Until midnight on November 19th the next day

3rd 2016 Local time in each area

November 14th, midnight ~

The next day, November 15th, until midnight


2nd 2016 Local time in each area

February 8 (Chinese New Year) midnight ~

The next day, February 9th, until midnight


1st 2015 2015 local time

December 25, midnight ~

The next day, December 26, until midnight  



* During this period, at a length that does not become a burden at your favorite time.

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