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People feel that they are natural healers by nature.

"I don't really understand. 』\

"I have no experience. 』\

Of course, please join us.

"I will receive it. Anyone can receive it if they have the intention.

By receiving it, you will be healed and shining.

As you shine, the healing energy permeates around you and shines. I would like to create such a bridge of light healing energy.
And at this event, we will build a bridge that we will hand over to the next.
​ Everyone who participates in light from person to person and from light to light will be connected by light. Please put a net of light on the earth.


We hope that you will be "excited" by participating in this healing event !!! It is a healing event that will help you make a smile.

Participation method (first-intermediate)

How to participate in the healing of the bridge of the earth is very easy!

I've never healed. Even those who say, I know a little!

And even experienced people can heal using each method.

Also, busy people who do not have time can participate.


First of all, for busy people

It's okay if you just turn your attention to this bridge healing because it's only a little on the planned date and time.

If you're not sure if you can turn your attention or honestly because the date and time is quite busy, or maybe you're sleeping, you can say, "I participate in the Earth Bridge Healing the day before or before going to bed. To do. Please declare.

Even with that alone, healing energy will flow all over the world with you as a radio tower (pillar of light).


For beginners / intermediate users

Sit in a relaxing chair or lie on your bed (futon).

Imagine the light shining in your head.

Take three deep breaths to inhale the light.

"I will participate in the healing of the bridge of the earth. ], Declare.

Instead of turning your consciousness out, you turn it inward.

Try to focus on your own breathing.

It's a good idea to imagine the light overflowing from your own center.

The energy of light flowing from many friends scattered all over the world says, "Through myself, it flows next. Please trust.

We will do it in a reasonable length within the planned date and time.

When finished, "Thank you. And "Thank you. ], To conclude.


  • Radio tower symbol

If you feel it is necessary, draw the symbol of this radio tower in the air with your finger, cover yourself with what you drew in the air, and say, "I am a radio tower of light. Please recite it three times.

This will turn on the switch of the radio tower.

The stroke order is from the top like Chinese characters, then written by mouth, two vertical lines, one horizontal line, written like A, and Z goes inside.

Participation method (advanced)

How to participate in the healing of the bridge of the earth

For advanced users and those with various healing experiences

(It is both a sender and a receiver.)


You can use the healing technique that suits you.

Imagine and trust that the healing energy emanating from yourself is returning to you through your peers scattered around the world.

The energy is spread all over the world, wraps around the world, and penetrates to the center of the earth.

The energy that permeates the center of the earth flows from the center of the earth to the universe.

(It's just like flipping over from the center of the earth.)

The center of the earth is directly connected to the universe. Imagine, for example, the flow of energy that flows from the inside to the outside, like the shape of an apple.

The healing energy sent by us flows to the earth and the universe in this way, promoting harmony.

It sends light to promote the healing of the earth, the healing of people's mind, body, and soul, the healing of life, and the harmony of the universe.

Great Central Sun

Sun healing technique

For advanced users (for reference)

Great Central Sun is said to be in the center of the universe.

It is a healing method using healing energy sent from Great Central Sun.

First, cleanse yourself.

You can use various methods. (For example, take a shower, dry bath, etc.)

Choose a place and posture where you can relax. (Ideally sitting on a chair or cross-legged)

Create and purify your own energy field.

The shower of light gives the image of pouring down, and breathes in the light slowly.

Light is stored in Tanda and slowly released by breathing out from the whole body. (3 times) (Reiki method)

Then perform an integrated breathing exercise.


* Integrated breathing method

First exhale.

The next time you inhale, you will pass through the cervical spine from behind the heart chakra, through the ascension chakra (the depression of the basin), through the crown, and focus on the "Great Central Sun", the center of the universe.

From there, it passes in front of the body and returns to the center of the heart chakra.

Then exhale, from the center of the heart chakra, through the back of the body, through the spine,

Focus from the root chakra (around the coccyx) to the center of the earth.

This time, it passes in front of the body and returns to the center of the heart.

Until you get used to it, the center of the heart, the center of the universe from the back of the body

From the center of the universe through the front of the body to the center of the heart

The center of the heart, the center of the earth from the back of the body

From the center of the earth through the front of the body to the center of the heart

Continue at least 3 times until you are satisfied.

Slowly raise your hands high to heaven and form a hurray.

Then slowly, with your hands down, form a triangle in front of your forehead so that your index fingers and thumbs stick together. At that time, the palms of both hands are open.

In the third eye (in the forehead), connect to the Great Central Sun. (The image of a large silver light close to white shining) The shining light is projected from the forehead into a triangle made by hand.

As it is, slowly lower your hand and keep it in front of your chest.

The energy of the Great Central Sun, which overflows from the center of oneself, passes through the hands of the triangle, and healing energy is sent out.

Trust that your center is connected to everyone scattered around the world.

The healing energy that connects from the inside and the healing energy that is released to the outside flow inward and outward.

Go quietly and slowly while breathing.

It will be completed within 5 to 10 minutes at the longest.

At the end, slowly spread your hands apart.

Slowly lower your hands down, put your little fingers together, and scoop up the energy and return it straight to the heavens.

As it is, while lowering both hands, we will join hands, give a bow and finish.

Finally, "Thank you. ""appreciate. 』And say something like, or make it resonate with your heart.

After healing, take a rest.

Relax, breathe slowly and rest assured that healing is taking place all over the world.

By doing so, the healing effect will continue.



For Advanced (Reference) Great Central Sun Healing may be better for those who are accustomed to sending healing to some extent.

The energy of light is quite strong, so if you are not used to it, you may be surprised at your energy.

First of all, please choose the participation method that suits you.

However, just turning your consciousness will be a proper energy bridge.

It's fun, relaxing, and improving and healing the world. .. Let's do such healing work.

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