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Angel series

Silver ring

A silver ring has appeared in the angel series.

It is made in one size fits all using 925 silver.

When shipping, we will adjust it to your size and deliver it.

Since it will be shipped from overseas, the shipping fee will be ¥ 1,500-plus.


Sleeping beauty turquoise with pyrite

Angel Wings ¥ 28,000- + Shipping ¥ 1,500- Sold


Blue sapphire
Archangel Michael ¥ 29,000- + Shipping ¥ 1,500- Sold


Produced at the Sleeping Beauty Mine in Arizona, USA,
Beautiful light blue turquoise. <Sleeping Beauty Turquoise>
It is a very rare turquoise.

It contains pyrite, but unfortunately it has not come out on the surface. ..

(It didn't come out on the surface when I sharpened it.)

However, the pyrite effect is perfect because it is firmly inside.

As a talisman for a turquoise trip. Intuition improvement, self-actualization, protection,

Support space consciousness, strengthen friendships and bonds.

Strengthen the pyrite protect field. Protection from evil,

Danger avoidance, analytical ability improvement, self-sacrifice avoidance, grounding, etc.


I made it as a guardian of angels by the approach from angels.

Angel wings design. Uses 925 silver.


It is a one-size-fits-all.

The optimum size is No. 17, but we will adjust it when shipping.


Thank you very much.

Archangel Michael
Blue sapphire ring

I sharpened the loose with African blue sapphire.

Enhanced (heat treated) Deep deep blue. Please refer to here for heat treatment.
​ This blue sapphire was obtained from rough stone, but it has been enhanced at the time of rough stone.


Blue sapphire sanctuary, wisdom , intelligence. And it brings about the rebirth of the spirit by receiving protection, sincerity, charity, philanthropy, grace, dignity, chasteness, calmness, silence, peace, justice, cleanliness, the grace and charity of God.

Also known as the Philosopher's Stone.

It's Archangel Michael, isn't it?


"Use this sapphire to make a ring of angel wings. .. Whispered.

"This is Michael's ring. "When.


As a guardian of Archangel Michael

Blue sapphire silver ring


Thank you very much.

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