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Archangel Gabriel's Chapter

A chaplet means a corolla or a bouquet, and is a prayer tool used when praying for a specific saint or angel.
Similar to the Rosary, but with many shapes and prayer methods.

Archangel Gabriel's Chapter

Using the archangel Gabriel's medal obtained from Italy, it is finished as a strap for prayer and amulet.
While putting it in the bag that I always use or putting it on the bedside, I am making it so that there is always the blessing of Archangel Gabriel.

​ Milky aquamarine

Supports relief of loneliness and anxiety.

​ crystal

"Stone to dispel evil spirits" and "Stone to bring good luck" to dispel disasters and demons and protect them from danger

¥ 3,800- Shipping fee not included + ¥ 1,500-Sold out


It has been sold.

Thank you very much.

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