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Boil up

Fired up that is held irregularly.

We acknowledged the "wishes" and "decisions / intentions / intentions" that we solicited from everyone on the calligraphy.

Burn in flames and deliver to space.

​ At the same time, it is purified by working with Fire Elements.

Burn off unnecessary energy.

The application has been closed.

Thank you very much.


We will connect to each and every one of you, give greetings to the remote healing purification method, each supporter, and the universe, and convey each "intention" (or wish). increase.

After that, it will be fired up and sent to space with Fire Elements.

This time <February 2020> The recruitment is "intention".

What is your intention and how do you want to act at this time when 2020 has just begun?

What can I do to myself to improve my own quality?

Envelop and encourage yourself as you think of others.

Instead of saying "I want to be" or "I want to do"

Decision-making such as "is" and "does"

And with the intention of "what is shaped by what it is done",
"~~~To do. ""~~~to hold. It becomes the phrase.

(The stage from decision-making to intention is the order in which you think in your mind until you put it into words.)

For example, if you want to spend a healthy time with your family,

"Healthy with my family" is a decision, so

"I spend healthy time with my family. It will be like that.

Then, the points such as mental stability and physical stability necessary for spending a healthy life with the family become points.

The necessary purification will occur. It may be bad due to individual differences. (Hidden problems and issues emerge)

Also, it is better that the intention is to point to yourself.

For example, if you say "find a spouse", the intentions of others will be related, so
It can be complicated by what it takes to find a spouse, and so on.

So, "I aim to improve myself so that I can meet my spouse. 』But it's okay

"Face yourself to bring out your own charm. I think it's better to say something centered on yourself.

You will be asked to write your intention on the application form, but if you need to "correct" the wording, "I think you should rewrite it like this!" ] Etc., so you don't have to think hard ^^

The application will be one form for each "intention".

One "intention" application- ¥ 5,000- .

If you apply for multiple "intentions", it is troublesome, but please fill out multiple forms.

The scheduled heating date will be from February 22nd to 29th. (The date is not fixed because it depends on the climate)

Remote healing and energy purification will take place on February 22nd.

After sending the application form, we will confirm the "intention" sentence and inform you of the payment by e-mail.

The application has been closed.

Thank you very much.


The state of the previous life drawn by Professor Nakamura's previous life Michibiki painting session . It was exactly what we are doing now.

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