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Acchi MN Spiritual Art Works.
Hand made Silver Jewelry

and Healing Arts.

Cosmic​  Medicine

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Cosmic Medicine


Information blog

We are delivering the latest information.

God "paper"Sculptor-
Kouhaku Nakamura


Official / Sales Page

Poster, Michibiki painting session

Sale now being held

Up to 30% OFF

Acchi M∞N Art woks

Art sales Shamanic art

Paintings, illustrations, etc.

​Boil up

Your "intention"

It will be delivered to space by heating.

Galactic compass

Handmade jewelry online shop


Hand made Jewels

Handmade original

Jewelery sale


Silver Violet Attunement

St. Germain

(Saint Germain)

Silver violet


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Healing class

Kumara Healing Class

From basic healing

Kumara Healing Class

Provided online

Sairyu Amulet Art

Sairyu Amulet is Achii,

A spiritual collaboration by calligrapher Shosai Tazaki and the dragon god "Sairyu"

Events being offered

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Haku Nakamura

Previous life Michibiki painting session


Sensei Nakamura's previous life Michibiki painting

Online session

Silver violet frame


St. Germain

(Saint Germain)

Silver violet


​ Attunement

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