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God Sculptor- Haku Nakamura

​ World poster of paper "God" sculpture

God Sculptor- Haku Nakamura Official Print Sale

Using white mermaid paper, build your own fantastic world,

The poster is about the world of the work of the god sculptor, Toshiaki Nakamura, who comforts and comforts the hearts of people all over the world.

Dr. Tadashi Nakamura-Click here for profile.
Jump to the Nakamura Tadashi website.



Due to the relationship, we have decided to sell a number of works created by Professor Nakamura from Cosmic Medicine as posters.



The world posters of the "God" sculptures by Ryosuke Nakamura, which have been sold at events, are now available in the shopping cart.

Please purchase at the shop.

Click here for the previous life Michibiki painting online session.

Ryohaku Nakamura-Paper "God" Engraver Framed Poster

Special menu delivered in the frame of teacher's choice 50,000 frames (shipping fee, packing fee included)

Professor Nakamura will choose the forehead and frame it.

We will deliver each work poster to your home even more wonderfully.

Framed poster contents


Paper "God" sculpture poster


Matte paper


Mailing fee included


This application form will be sent directly to the email address of Dr. Tadashi Nakamura. Please wait for the reply from the teacher after submitting the form.

We will inform you of payment information, estimated shipping date, etc. by reply email.
Purchase will be confirmed upon payment confirmation.

If you do not receive a reply after a few days,

The form may not have arrived correctly, so


please let me know.

As for the e-mail address to be notified, so that the e-mail from gmail will arrive

Check the filter settings.
There are many cases where emails do not arrive correctly.
Please check again when you enter your email address.

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