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​​ Aztec sun
Matrix Fire Opal A
One size fits all 925 silver ring

925 silver ring with fire opal carved into cantera

(The Matrix refers to opal as the host rock)

Free size Appropriate size around No. 18

A   ¥ 12,600- + Shipping ¥ 2,000-


Fire opal is said to be the high-frequency wave that hits the first ray of the 12 rays of God.

The ring of this fire opal "Matrix Opal".

It is a one-size-fits-all so that we can deliver the ring to you.

There are two types of opal, "precious opal" with 7 colors of iridescent color play effect (fraction) and "common opal" without play color (no fraction), and fire opal is the representative of common opal. .. (No fraction)

Strictly speaking, there are also fire opals that play colors. A typical fire opal is a non-irid but fiery orange fire opal from Mexico.

( There seems to be a commitment that fire opal has an iridescent effect like flames, but even if it has an iridescent effect, it is considered to be a fire opal. )

And this one-size-fits-all matrix fire opal is not 7 colors, which is rare for fire opal, but it is an iridescent (fraction) fire opal, and you can see green glitter.

The iridescent effect is brought out by carving out together with the host rock called Matrix Opal.

(Some canteras do not have iridescent effects.)

"Aztec sun god"  Also known as fire opal.

Fire opal waiting for the name of fire.

It contains a lot of energy.

Burn your passion as a stone that encourages you to show your true potential! !! You can draw out positive action power.

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