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​ Rosary necklace

Rosary necklace with carnelian and crystal.

Carnelian is an energy that supports aspirations, empowers and courage, and supports the achievement and success of goals.

Quartz is said to be a "stone that dispels evil" and "stone that brings good luck" that protects you from danger by dispelling disasters and demons.

Since it is finished in a necklace specification,

It can also be worn for mental support and purification.

Overall length, about 40 cm

Neck circumference about 62 cm
It feels like the medai is coming from the top of the groove to the center of the chest.


¥ 9,800- Shipping fee not included + ¥ 1,500-Sold out
​ It will be shipped from overseas.


Please apply from the link below.​ There will be only one item, so please fill out the application form, send it, and we will contact you by email.

Sold out  Thank you very much.

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