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An inlay ring is a ring made of a different material to give it a shine.

I embedded glitter in a ring made of 925 silver.

The materials used are natural stone, shell, pearl, lab opal, etc.

I tried to make the best use of their energy and brilliance.

Ring (I dare to use the Chinese character "ring" instead of ring)

Meaning means circulation, and spinning like Saturn's ring.

As an image of the connection between people, such as the relationship between people and the bond,

It is also recommended as a promised pinky ring (for the little finger) and pairing.

Check the ring size, and after ordering, match the size of your ring

We will manufacture it, so it will take some time.

It will be shipped from the United States, and a shipping fee of 2000 yen will be added.

After payment, we will mail you a ring sizer.
Please let us know after confirming the size.
It will be manufactured after that.

​The types of inlays that can be produced will continue to increase.

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