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​ Yuki Miyoshi

Discover the beauty of only you

Beauty alchemist

~ Yuki Miyoshi Profile ~

After working as a large customer in charge of an Italian apparel company

Responsible for data analysis and strategic projects in the financial and insurance industries.


Through work related to the glamorous stage of life to the backstage that you usually do not see

Faced with "What is life? What is life?"

Bring the client's unique beauty to fruition.


After that, at the same time as learning the manners protocol

He continues to advocate "every day when women can make the most of their high-quality self."

Bring out the unique beauty of the client from a unique perspective

Providing an original brilliant program.

Unique lessons that are easy to put into practice by giving clients "changes that can be seen and felt immediately" are spread by word of mouth, and have gained tremendous support from women who want to live beautifully in their own way.

My hobbies are home cooking and reading.

I love the time to enjoy the world of music, movies and scents.

He specializes in discovering "hidden talents hidden in people."

"Brilliant Program"





It's only you

Completely private lesson program


Each person has a different personality, way of life, background, and way of thinking.


It is an important individuality and an important thing that must be respected.


Based on that, it is a lesson for you to voluntarily polish your brilliance.


I believe that the knowledge, lessons and procedures required are different for each person.



"La nature vous donne votre visage de vinght ans. La vie modèle votre visage de trente ans, mais celui de cinquante ans, c'est à  vous de le mériter. "

The 20-year-old face is a gift of nature. The 30-year-old face is your way of life. 50-year-old face is your achievement     ~ Coco Chanel ~



What kind of facial expression, appearance and emotional charm do you want to go to the next stage?


Brilliant program is now yours

After confirming your current location,

In addition, it will be a bespoke private lesson that will be refined to make yourself shine.


The lesson content is diverse



・ Decluttering the closet

·body care

・ Appearance advice

・ Manners



・ Mental training

・ Business advice




We will combine these to create individual programs.


When you take the first step to "want to be beautiful", the environment in which you live now

It starts with reviewing again


"Clothing, food, and housing" make you

It's all a start.

The Brilliant Program places particular emphasis on the "foundation".



"From the brush-up of appearance, etiquette is of course one of the elements that enhances your beauty, but in order to bring out your charm from all aspects, there is nothing that" basic "is not in place. It doesn't start. "



Let's go beyond your "limits".


Polish and polish to bring out your own beauty.



"Beautiful" means

Not only the shape is in order, but the richness of the heart and the brilliance of the heart will shape you.


So to speak

Elegance isn't just about clothes and makeup.


It is, in a sense, an "elegance road."


The inner beauty and the outer beauty that you rush out of yourself combine to make you unique

We will create an "elegance road".


Learn basic etiquette

While enjoying the changing appearance

Make you shine even more


"La parure, quelle science! La beaute, quelle arme! La modestie, quelle elegance!"

Attire is wisdom, beauty is a weapon, and humility is elegant. ~ Coco Chanel ~






Brilliant program


1 lesson about 90 minutes 
There will be a total of 12 courses.


90 minutes x 12 lessons.

Course fee  240,000 yen


* We have also started a monthly fee system of 20,000 x 12 times a month.




・ Those who can take lessons with a camera with Skype / messenger function.



・ If you wish to have a face-to-face lesson

It will be a lesson near Kitakyushu Kokura / Shimonoseki Station. (Weekday morning only)



There are two payment methods


☆ Advance transfer (Japan Post Bank)

☆ PayPal (PayPal fee will be added 4% separately)



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