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In the world where we are alive, this phenomenon world, our will echoes in the universe,

It is reflected in this phenomenon world.

The energy of the universe is the power to create things, the power of life, and the simplest and most sacred energy to create harmony.

The most core part of our body is connected to this cosmos, and the chakra, which is the energy center, rotates with the rotation of the universe and continues to generate life energy.

There are many chakras inside and outside the body, but it is said that there are 7 to 8 typical chakras.

By adjusting, rotating, and shining the chakra, which is the energy center, the balance of mind, body, and soul is adjusted, and the gears are circulated physically and mentally. I will activate it.

When your own gears are harmonized, the events around you will be circulated accordingly and a smooth flow will begin to occur.

The flow is also one of the gears.


When the gears around you start to rotate, the gears around them also start to rotate.

That's how a big flow of things happens.

As each of the many gears rotates in a well-balanced manner, the universe also rotates.

In this way, the life energy created by the rotation of the energy of the universe is sent out to all of us again.

You can see that the universe, us, and the world are all connected.

Each of us will create a brilliant world by harmonizing with each other.

That is the concept of "medicines from space".

As a spiritual artist and healer, "Acchi" will introduce various things, various topics, and people who have resonated with each other.

I would like to contribute to the technique of harmonizing myself and the understanding of the spiritual world.

That will be the support for living in the real world.


Aya Sanchez, also known as Acchi-M∞N


Cosmic Medicine Healing Artist

Cosmic Medicine Kumara Healing Lecturer

Spiritual painter (artist)

Natural stone jewelry artist


-Healer history-

Organizer Profile Sanchez Aya (Acchi)
/ Born in Inagi, Tokyo in 1971.
Having a mother who has Okinawa as her hometown and a father from Miyagi prefecture, she grew up in Naha city, Okinawa prefecture from her teens.

Having a godly lineage, he has had many relationships with invisible people from an early age.

Some of our ancestors were active as healers.

I will be prepared for a role in my late teens.

I devote myself to learning in my daily life.

Encountered a spaceship of ascended masters in 1992. Cosmic learning has begun.

After losing his mother in 1999, he met Reiki Healing through his aunt. My aunt is the founder of Kumara Healing (then Kumahra Reiki AQUA House Kumahra). Healing techniques were learned from (Rieko Hosohara = Ascended Masters, Sananda Sanat Sanaka Sanatana, founded in 2000), and the text was written so that many people could learn.

2007 Established Prism Blaze Healing Class.

Active as a master teacher.

(Modern Reiki, Overseas Reiki)

Moved to the United States in 2009.

In 2016, he launched Cosmic Medicine, taking over Kumara Healing from the founder of his aunt Kumara Healing and becoming the organizer.

After working as a painter in Florida, USA, he currently lives in Arizona. As a healer, painter, and natural stone silver jeweler, he lives an artistic life.


Healing class online!



Artist-Production content-


In 2014, he was selected for the "Senju Kannon" digital painting at the Pensacola Museum Art Contest in Florida, and will be exhibited at the Pensacola Museum.


Pensacola Side Walk Art Festival chalk it up! Participating artists, 2015 version chalk it up! Official calendar cover

Serve as a photo. Also posted as an artist on the February page of the calendar.

Navy Blue Angels Fat Albert 2012-2014 Exclusive T-shirt design.

(Blue Angels is an aerobatic squadron belonging to the US Navy. It is currently based in Pensacola Naval Air Corps Base in Florida. Commonly known as "Blues".

It has been in a rivalry with the US Air Force's aerobatic team "Thunderbirds" for a long time, and both boast the highest level of aerobatic flight capability in the world. )


Picture book "AURA & THE ROCK OF AGES" sponsored by ESE Network (Las Vegas)

In charge of illustration (Lemuria's story)


At Acchi "Moon" M∞N (Koubou)


Angel painting, fantasy art, portrait, tattoo design,

We mainly produce channeling art, reading art, natural stone art, accessory work, silver work, etc.

He also handles fasetting, which is the cornerstone of jewels.

Moved from Okinawa to North Carolina, USA in November 2009. Spend two years.

Moved to Florida in November 2011 and spent three years.

In March 2015, he moved into the mountains of Arizona, facing the energy of nature and playing with freshly excavated natural stones.


Lives in Lakeside, Arizona, USA

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