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Maple seeds

Maple trees swaying in the wind

Maple seeds fluttering down.

He taught me that the seasons change as I spin around.

A new season will begin again.

This season is surely like a maple seed fluttering

It will be the sowing of a new era.

A new era

Being one with the great nature

Hope it is an era that creates a good harvest on the earth.

Maple seed earrings

I used natural maple seeds as earrings.

(Resin resin processing is applied after stabilization processing.)

Cute earrings that flutter around your ears.

Maple Seed Earrings ¥ 3,500- + Shipping ¥ 2,000- (Shipping from USA)

Since it is a natural species, it varies in size.

(The size of each set is adjusted as much as possible.)

​ Please note that you cannot specify the size when applying.


You can choose to pay by PayPal (including credit card) or transfer to Japan Post Bank.

Model cooperation Joy Chunghua

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