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Guardian Angel Chaplet

A chaplet means a corolla or a bouquet, and is a prayer tool used when praying for a specific saint or angel. Similar to the Rosary, but with many shapes and prayer methods.

Using the archangel Gabriel's medal obtained from Italy, it is finished as a strap for prayer and amulet. While putting it in the bag that I always use or putting it on the bedside, I am making it so that there is always the blessing of Archangel Gabriel.


It has the energy to "strengthen and connect".

On the back side

Angel of god  

my guardian dear,

to whom his love commits me here, ever

this day be at my side,

to light and guard to rule and guide.

God's Angel Guardian Angel,

Illuminate me on this side of me, entrusted to you by the mercy of the Lord,

Please protect and guide.

Is written.

¥ 3,800- Shipping fee not included + ¥ 1,500-Sold out.


It has been sold.

Thank you very much.

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