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Kumara Reiki
​ Attunement

Kumara Reiki's remote attunement

Kumara Reiki founder Ole (Denmark)

It is a healing energy that was handed down from Sanat Kumara when he visited Mt. Kurama in Japan.

It is said to be equivalent to the original energy of Usui-style Reiki healing.

By receiving the Kuma Reiki Attunement (energy harmony), you will become a pipe of Kuma Reiki energy, and you will be able to heal Kuma Reiki energy through yourself.

Kumara Reiki's Kumara is the ascended master Sanat Kumara.

By Mr. Mikao Usui, the founder of Usui-style Reiki, who is enshrined as the guardian deity of Mt. Kurama.

It has spread all over the world as Reiki, which is said to be a medical treatment.

As an ascended master, Sanat Kumara is said to sit in the center of the earth, and is said to play a role in protecting all beings on the earth together with Archangel Michael.

​ It is said that the light of Reiki itself is Archangel Michael himself.

For Kumara Reiki Attunement, please download the manual after applying. We will do remote attunement within a week, but we will not meet you online.

We will notify you by email after the remote attunement is completed.
As for the receiving method, "I will receive the Kumara Reiki attunement in space. Please declare and meditate. Attunement is completed in about 15 minutes.
The Kumara Reiki Attunement comes with a manual (PDF file).

​ The manual has a Japanese translation added to the English version.

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