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-Star Seeds-  cantera opal

Do you know the word "star seed"?
People who volunteered to save the earth from the stars of the universe and were born as earthlings are called star seeds.

Star seeds, also known as "salted apples" in Japan for a long time.
If you cut an apple horizontally, the area around the seed will be star-shaped.

At that time, the apples are "preserved" so that they will be awakened when that time comes.

​ That is the meaning of "salted".
It is said that the Ascended Masters, Sananda, protect and guide the apples.

Sananda, an Ascended Master who is conscious of Christ.

There is also a theory that it is the apples that are drawn on the chest of the icon.

"At that time, I will take good care of you until that time comes. 』\

It's a promised icon picture.

Just a year ago.

​ As the Earth's dimension rises, rough opal stones have come to me.

About twice as much as this photo.

I selected opals and made rings.

Fire opal is said to be the high-frequency wave that hits the first ray of the 12 rays of God.

When I was making that ring, I thought, "It's a seed. seed. 』\

Voice? Somehow, the words of communication came.

Immediately, "Ah ... Starseed-san. I understood.

Opal is also said to be a light worker stone.
People who handle iridescent light like opal.

Of course, the star seeds are light workers, so we will hand over "seed" to the light workers. That would be the case. And started production.

Lightworker seed.

And it will be the seed for those people. (Prompt to wake up).

In a cute shape like an apple seed.

I have been planning to produce it for a year since I wanted to hand over the seeds of glittering light.

Star seeds -cantera opal-

Each ¥ 12,000- (shipping included)
Size 1.2cm-1.5cm

925 silver chain included

Cantera opal (What is Cantera Opal)?
Opal made by shaving and polishing Mexican opal together with the host rock.

Opal with host rock


It's like an opal that will grow in the host rock, and it's just a seed! !! !!

Click the image to see the details.

Since it will be shipped from overseas, it will take about 10 days to 2 weeks from shipping to delivery.

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