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Angel earrings



I made cute angel wings into earrings (or earrings).

I am using Rainbow Mystic Aura Quartz made in the United States.

(Rainbow Aqua Aura Stone, an artificial stone made by heating crystal.)

Purification and strengthening of the aura. Heals and encourages positive thinking.

It also promotes harmony with the universe and helps resonate with the consciousness of the universe.


Aqua blue


Vivid pink

Sweet pink x2


Orange x2 (sold)

We have a total of 7 items.

It is finished in pierced earrings, but it can be changed to earrings.

Each ¥ 3,500- Shipping fee not included + ¥ 1,500-

​ It will be shipped from overseas.

From the left, green, blue, orange, sweet pink


From the left, aqua blue, vivid pink, orange, purple


Please apply from the link below.​ Each item will be 1-2 points, so please fill out the application form, send it, and we will contact you by email.

If there is no response from the application button

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