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Milky aquamarine


A full-scale rosary using rainbow moonstone and milky aquamarine.

Moonstone enhances inspiration and helps you to be aware of information from space.

Milky aquamarine helps relieve loneliness and anxiety.

Using the medai obtained from Italy and France, the medai used in this rosary has a unique shape.

The total length is about 55 cm

If you hang it around your neck, the neck circumference will be about 76 cm.

I think that the medai part will come to the bottom of the chest.


¥ 15,800 plus shipping + ¥ 1,500-sold

It will be shipped from overseas.


Please apply from the link below.​ There will be only one item, so please fill out the application form, send it, and we will contact you by email.

It has been sold.
​ Thank you very much.

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