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Arizona Turquoise

The natural Arizona turquoise is finished in jewelry.

In Native Indian folklore, turquoise is a strong guardian stone, a sacred stone with the power of the universe and God, and is used for sacred ceremonies and begging for rain.
It is said that it keeps out evil, has excellent purification power, and exerts further power by giving it to a friend to protect the owner.

The beautiful shade of turquoise symbolizes the color that moisturizes the earth, and alleviates and stabilizes anxiety and irritation.

It is said that by wearing turquoise, you will be freed from the ego, will be guided to show your true essence, remember the balance with the earth, promote your own centering, and gain the trust and respect with others. increase.
The beautiful colors of the sky, the colors of the sea, the colors of the earth, and the natural colors of nature moisturize the mind and lead to relaxation.

Polished rough Arizona turquoise and finished in 925 silver to make jewelry.

It will be shipped from the United States, and it will take about 2 to 3 weeks after shipping.

​ A mailing fee of 2000 yen will be added to the item price.

Customs duties may apply if necessary. In that case, it will be borne by the customer.

​ Thank you for your understanding.

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