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2016.02.25 14:51

Comment Collection 2nd Earth Bridge Healing

Thank you for participating in the Earth Bridge Healing held on February 8, 2016.

This time, there were themes such as grounding, purification, and decluttering, and I think that the people who participated also had something that was decluttering.

By discharging the lye (releasing the accumulated negative energy) to the extent that you can do it, you will create a core of energy that will improve more than ever.

I myself had a lot of lye, so I left my mind and body to the purification energy and helped to strengthen the grounding.

I am very happy that your wonderful healing energy will become a bridge to the earth ♪



We would like to introduce the comments received from everyone.


Healing the bridge of the earth ☆ I participated (* ´∀ `)

When I received the light and let it go, my hands became warm and warm, and at the same time I felt as if I was holding someone's hand.
After that, I ended up with gratitude and lived as usual, but I was sick and frustrated by a certain event until then.
Somehow, it doesn't matter ...
What I was worried about seemed like an idiot (laughs)
I wonder if this is a decluttering of the heart (* ´ 艸 `)
There is certainly a feeling that something has changed in me ☆

The second healing of the bridge of the earth

Thank you for your hard work

The soft sunshine around 3:00 pm, which I took while driving a car to go to work, was full of tenderness and strength.

Not alone

Everyone is connected


There is no mistake

No superiority

For what happens

Everything makes sense

There is nothing in vain

All equally

Everyone is loved


I felt a lot of warm energy like a sense of security

Very kind, happy feelings filled my heart


With a smile

Tears spilled (^^)

(It may have looked strange to people in the oncoming car lol)

It happens in daily life

Frustrated, anxious and worried

I'll be happy if I'm gone

Not that

Live with them

Live while tasting

So it's funny

Hope it

I wonder if he was born as a human

I thought about that (^^)

Having earned a wonderful healing opportunity,

Thank you for experiencing and sharing with everyone (* ^ ▽ ^ *)

It was my first time to participate. it was very fun!

When I tried to receive energy before going to bed, I sucked up a lot from my feet.

It was fun and made me smile and released a lot of orange-yellow energy from my head. With great momentum

It was glittering, so I turned it around 360 °. It was also fun v (^ o ^)

Thanks to that, I was able to sleep soundly!

Thank you to everyone who gave us fun power.


Thank you again! I wish I could see the "golden light that covers the earth", like Mr. Atchi! But I slept happily.

Thank you for creating such a chance * \ (^ o ^) / *


Healed while barefoot earthing outside in the early morning ~ (* ^^ *) 🎆


<I also received an explanation of Earthing! >
"Earthing" is actually standing barefoot on the ground (* ^^ *)
Electrical appliances such as washing machines have a ground terminal ... We, who are charged with electricity, also take the ground, equalize the electric potential, balance the body, and put our feet on the ground to achieve the healing power of the earth. Let's connect! Let's get the "ki" of the earth!
The details are excerpted from the Earthing book. .. ..
Our conductive body is naturally made to be equal to the electric field of the earth,
By putting two barefoot feet on the ground and making direct contact with the surface of the earth, electrons flow from the most to the least, so electrons flow from the earth to humans and replenish the body with low electron levels. Because you can do it, both potentials will be equal, you will regain your crazy body clock, your body will be healthy, and you will receive power from the earth, which will also strengthen your grounding!

<Thank you for the explanation ♪>


Thank you for telling me an interesting event

This time I was told to be the sender (from above), so when I tried it, I could see rainbows and big spheres of light, which was amazing.

I sent it with Zudon so I wonder if it's okay to receive it 😅

I hope they will be distributed separately according to the origin.

Excuse me for the long impression!

There was a person on the rocky mountain ~ ~.

It was interesting (^-^)

From Paris. Healing is over now.

It was a dazzling light anyway.

I participated for the first time. Thank you (* ^^ *)

I tried it while imagining the light, but I'm not sure if it was done properly ~ (^ _ ^;) I fell asleep halfway because I lay down on the bed.

It is a link of the site you introduced ♪



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Thank you everyone for your introduction and participation.

Also, thank you to everyone who introduced us on Facebook.

Thanks! !! !! !! !! !! !!

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