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Corporate coach with full left brain in the daytime Akasick leader at night A sower who connects the information of the heavens with the reality of the earth and moves the present.

Akiyo -Profile-

Akiyo  profile


Lives in Singapore: International Coach &
Akashic Record Reader (reader)


From Akashic Records

Based on information

From work to lifestyle

Make your original "life that the soul wants" a reality

Offering "Creation" program.


The invisible world and the visible world

Connect and move "now"



Detailed self-introduction

Face of the table: International coach edition blog "World street corner (from the site of the coach in the company)"

Back face: Akasik coach edition "A book only for you from the Universal Library"

FB: Everyday life in Singapore


[Akasik Library: Consulting on the Source of the Universe]

What is Akashic Records?

A huge library of the universe that holds all the memories from the time when the universe was born, a collection of all consciousness.

Akasik Library: Cosmic Source Source Consulting Get "Hints for the Answers You're Looking for" and "Clues to the Fundamental Solution"

It is a consultant "to move the reality" with feet on the ground.

Work, money, relationships, romance, personal development, etc.

Akiyo will access your Akashic Records to provide you with the information you need.

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[Compass Program]


"Hidden hope  "
"Voice of the present heart"

"Wishes hidden in us"

While using the information of the blueprint of the star that I brought  Overlay everything 

A compass that points to "the truth only for you"

It is a program that you create yourself. 

  No matter what the situation, we will give you the axis that you are the core of.


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