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☆ "Maintenance shop" who moves energy to perform "maintenance" ☆

Rainbow maintenance shop

Kana Togitsu

People who cannot be seen are visible from the time they arrive, and the dimensions, space-time, and number of gods that can be handled are wide, regardless of the east or west of the ocean. Since the summer of 2016, we have been "secretly" helping everyone.

Gem (Natural Stone) Leading Leader Spiritual Tool Collector

Spirit connector


A professional who adjusts your own energy.


For example, reduce the loss of energy flow in you or increase the "moving parts" you can move.


It supports what is happening "now" rather than in the future.

For those who are "now" stable, we will help you strengthen your foundation.

When something happens that seems to bring your heart

So that you can step on even a little.

"Make yourself not to endure or continue to endure"

I will adjust such energy.

I would like to help you relax and enjoy yourself while you are moving your energy while keeping your feet on the ground.

By collaborating with the invisible "guardians" who watch over you, the maintainer will help you deliver support in line with the flow of your soul using invisible adjustment methods.


The motto is "Helping you relax"


When you are relaxed, you can show your strength, talent, and potential.

We provide a menu to help you with that.


(Remote healing and maintenance) 10,000 yen a month

This is a remote healing and maintenance twice a month.
It will be a healing that prepares the inside of the customer.

Envelop the customer in the lotus flower of energy, promote the harmony of the energy of the customer and the guardians in the protection, and help the guardians to support the customer. increase.

  <Energy adjustment, repair, loosening and adjusting parts with strange power, sending necessary new energy, etc. are included. >


(Remote healing / wickedness) 10,000 yen each time

With the support of our customers' guardians, we will remove all unnecessary codes, energies, things that originate from us, things that we receive from others, and things that we do not currently need, and put in new necessary energy. ..

This is a healing that adjusts the outside of the customer.
We wrap our customers with the energy of chrysanthemums.

It will improve the purification power considerably, so we recommend the day when you can relax the next day.

There may be a strong reaction of poisoning (improvement reaction), so if you receive it once, you must wait about half a month before you can receive it next time.

Thank you for your understanding.



[Kikuhana housing version]

(Healing of houses, exorcism of evil) 30,000 yen each time

It will be a residential version of Kikuhana.

You will be asked a little about the structure of the house, but we will prepare the energy accordingly and purify the unnecessary energy.

The period for maintaining purified energy is about 1 to 2 months.


* In addition to this, there are also services provided only by public groups participating on Facebook.

Please contact us if you have any questions. 

Rainbow maintenance shop Menu

All menus here cannot be canceled after payment.

please note that.

(Because the preparations have already started when the payment is confirmed.)

Guardian bracelet

(Guardian bracelet)



There are many shops selling power stones in the world, and there are various bracelets.

I myself like stones, and for over 20 years I have seen and acquired many jewelry stores and power stone stores.


I started working as a rainbow maintenance shop and I am working as a person who watches energy, but basically it will be a more stable relationship with the people who are protecting customers, and I can proceed on my own with a little peace of mind. I've been hoping to help you with that.

Using the stones that are the base of the original customer, we will create something that will lead to the stability of the customer's own "now".


Price: 15,000 yen (including shipping)


important point


・ Customers cannot choose stones.

-Do not use metal rondels, charms, etc.

・ Since it is easy for energy to enter, crack crystals may be used.

・ Basically, beads with a diameter of 8 mm and 10 mm are used.

It is a bracelet to protect. Therefore, it may not be a little cute, but we will make a bracelet that will support your energy and support it. Basically, we emphasize protection and stability. First of all, if that becomes stable, I think that other things called luck will also turn around, so please understand that you can not specify "I want to give XX luck".

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