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Four major elements

4th element

925 Silver Rings

<Fire> <Water> <Wind> <Soil> of the four major elements

Using natural stone beads, like these four elements,

Tailored to a one-size-fits-all ring.


Fire agate on the element of fire

As the name suggests, it is a wonderful stone with a burning color.

Fire agate is called the stone of "eternal youth" and is said to bring vitality to the whole body.

P_20191215_115151_vHDR_Auto_2 (1).jpg
P_20191215_115209_vHDR_Auto_2 (1).jpg

Aquamarine is the element of water

It calms and purifies the mind and encourages truth, trust and letting go. Fortunate, fearless, as a talisman of protection. It was also considered a stone of eternal youth and happiness.

P_20191215_115421_vHDR_Auto_2 (1).jpg
P_20191215_115506_vHDR_Auto_2 (1).jpg

Rainbow moonstone for the wind element

It is believed to bring balance, harmony and hope, and to increase creativity, compassion, patience and inner self-confidence. It is believed to help strengthen intuition and spiritual awareness.

P_20191215_115342_vHDR_Auto_2 (1).jpg
P_20191215_115328_001_2 (1).jpg

Jasper for soil elements

It provides emotional healing, calm and calm energy, compassion, humility and patience to others and yourself. Build confidence, reduce anxiety, and help move your life forward.

P_20191215_115250_vHDR_Auto_2 (1).jpg
P_20191215_115239_vHDR_Auto_2 (1).jpg
P_20191215_115628_vHDR_Auto_3 (1).jpg
P_20191215_120218_vHDR_Auto_2 (1).jpg
P_20191208_221510_vHDR_Auto_2 (1).jpg

10mm natural stone beads (half)

925 silver

As it is handmade, the color of each stone and the design of the cup may change.

Click here to apply for the four major element appraisals and jewelry.

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