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Four major elements

Silver necklace

​Togitsu Kana & Atchii collaboration

Kinkasan Koganeyama Shrine reconstruction support donation plan


It has ended.
It will be resumed in due time.
Thank you very much.

Kinkasan Koganeyama Shrine Reconstruction support donation plan

Part of the sales will be donated to Kinkasan Koganeyama Shrine.

It has been three years since we started donating to Kinkasan Koganeyama Shrine.

I would like to donate next year as well,

We are collaborating.

This project is the Facebook group " Spi ☆ Spi Yminabe Laboratory "

But is active

It is an appraisal of the four major elements by reading "Togitsu Kana-san".

Of the four elements (elements) shown in this four major element appraisal

We will give you the elements you need for support in a silver necklace.


Togitsu Kana Four major element appraisals

Acchi Silver Necklace or Ring

It is a collaboration project of.

<Tue>, <Wed>, <Sat>, <Wind>

I will write the characteristics and spread of the energy of the person as a landscape of all four major elements.

We will send it as a PDF file by email.

"important point"

At this point, it may be "invisible (cannot be seen)". In that case, we will inform you that the situation is invisible. Please note that point.


Appraisal content to tell

1.4 Large elements Landscapes and signs of things with <fire>, <water>, <soil>, <wind>, etc.

2. Characteristics

3. Characteristics of how the basic numerical value (status) is shaken

4. Things to watch out for

5. Advantages (or parts that correspond to the advantages)

As an example, the text that appraised Acchi is linked.

925 silver necklace or ring

4th elements Necklace or Ring

< Acchi >

P_20191215_115628_vHDR_Auto_3 (1).jpg

Four kinds of natural stone beads, which are likened to the four major elements, are made into a necklace and a one-size-fits-all ring.

Tue = Fire Agate

Water = aquamarine

Sat = Jasper

Wind = Rainbow Moonstone

It will be a 10mm ball of natural stone beads.
(In the case of a ring, it is halved.)

The necklace is a 925 silver bead cap

The silver top itself is also designed to rotate around.

The natural stone beads inside can also be turned left and right with your finger.

Made in Israel 925 silver

Made in Italy 925 silver chain

Necklaces with this design will be discontinued as soon as they are out of stock.

The one-size-fits-all ring is a fixed ring that uses half a 10mm ball.

(It doesn't spin around.)

Since it is a free size, you can adjust it according to your size.

Uses 925 silver

This time, you can choose between a necklace and a ring.

Up to 3 people left.

We also have 3 sets of necklaces and rings.

Up to 1 person left.

The application deadline is the end of February.

We will send you the elements that need support in the four major element appraisals.

Shipping will be from the United States after the appraisal is completed.

It will take 10 days to 2 weeks from shipping to arrival.

P_20191215_120218_vHDR_Auto_2 (1).jpg
From Achii ・ Necklace of four major elements (element stones that are needed for that person now / 1)
Or ・ Ring of the four major elements (element stones that are needed for that person now / 1 piece
* Free size.

Kana Yori Togitsu ・ Appraisal of all four major elements

Set of

¥ 15,800 (shipping included)

In addition, we will release 3 sets of necklace + ring this time.

¥ 25,800 (shipping included)
Apply from this form
The person in charge of application will be <Togitsu Kana>.
It has ended.
Thank you very much.

If the reply is delayed after submitting the application form, the form may not have arrived properly. In that case, please let us know from "Inquiries" .

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