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Appraisal of the four major elements <Example sentence>



Mr. Acchi Aya Sanchez



Thank you for applying for "Overall Capacity Appraisal" this time.

We have finished appraising the capacity at this point, so we will send you the results.



1. The shape or form of the fire

It will be "a fire that crawls along the contour of the mountain" .


A large fire swirls along the ridgeline of the mountain on the steep mountainside.

Unlike wildfires, oil-burning fires are burning all the time.

The fire continues to burn endlessly, as if the blessings of the earth were overflowing.


It ’s not a fire that is going to do harm,

It's a fire that shows that it's there and gives it to what it needs.








1. The shape or form of water


It is the "sea with icebergs" .


It is a sea with many icebergs that have not melted yet.


However, it doesn't seem to be as cold as it is on Earth.

It's not a cold world, but the sea that stores a lot of water.


The color of the water is also bright and it is not strangely dark.










1. Wind shape or morphology


It is a "wind that turns a big windmill" .


There are areas where you can see many very large windmills.

The windmill there must be very strong to turn, but

Sometimes it comes there as a wind that turns all the windmills there.


I don't want to disturb people's activities,

Because of the large wind, people prepare and evacuate to their homes when they see signs.


Even so, after the wind has passed, people are looking forward to it because it will be noisy and ready.



1. Soil shape or morphology


It will be "a land with white soil and a rainbow ."


There are places with white soil, neither snow nor salt.

In a mysterious place, the land has only that white soil.


It is a place where rainbows often hang in the sky, and the contrast between the white soil and the rainbow creates a fantastic world.



2. Characteristics (mainly available now)


"Prepare yourself and give it out."


It's almost like a sacrifice when you look at the words, but instead, if you have something that you can give to the other person, you can further arrange that part according to the other person and provide it.


Some people are not really good at changing the contents provided by looking at the other person's situation.


In that sense, it is difficult to do it unless it is a characteristic that you can deepen your understanding and provide it according to the other party.



3. Characteristics of where the basic numerical value (status) is currently assigned


We are currently assigning numerical values to "how to move the current situation" .


I've come so far, so I'm in the process of collecting various information within myself no matter what I do next, and it seems that I'm paying attention to what I'm going to do.


I feel like I'm preparing for the next one.



4. Things to watch out for


"If you give it, make sure to return it properly."


Don't hesitate to ask someone to give you something back, even if you give it to yourself.


Since you have provided something or something that is inside you, it is important to ask for a price if it is not excessive.


Don't make strange fences yourself.

If you're doing that much, make a good deal.



5. Advantages (or the part that corresponds to the advantages)


"I can tell if I should give it properly ."


If you can provide what you need around you, I think that you usually give it as it is.


However, first make a proper decision as to whether or not it is good to give it, and then prepare for the action of whether or not to give it.


Some people just give it because they want it.


It can be given clearly separately.




Please consider that the appraisal result is "at the moment".

Naturally, you will change, and then the situation will change, and the way the four major elements should be will change.


I hope it will be helpful for you.

Thank you for accepting this time.


<Medicine box member>

Rainbow maintenance shop Togitsu Kana

Here are the four major element readings that I, Acchi, read.

Pay attention to the "wind" part written here.

"I don't want to disturb people's activities, but

Because of the large wind, people prepare and evacuate to their homes when they see signs. 』\


There is.

"Still, after the wind has passed, people are looking forward to it because it will be noisy and ready. 』\

That means it's not a disaster, but it's hard to catch the wind if you're not prepared! That's right. Smile


To the characteristics of 2 (the ones that are currently in the main)

It says, "Prepare yourself and give it out ."

That's right. Prepare yourself. This is something we do all the time, and it's certainly our specialty.

When it comes to improving its quality

What I need for support is

If necessary, we will make a large-scale wind, which is a characteristic of the wind, into a "breeze" ...

Wind support for controlling such things. It will be like that.


Wind element

Rainbow moonstone

925 silver necklace

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