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This and that of Kumara

I wonder if there are many people who don't know about the ascended master Kumara. I think.

Many of you know Sananda, one of the commanders of the Ashtar Command Space Fleet, who is conscious of Christ from Venus.

And, of course, Sanat Kumara, who is said to have landed from Venus, who is good at healing, is famous in the healing world. It is said to be the god of Reiki who landed on Mt. Kurama.

There are other ascended masters and spirits named Kumara.

Kumara is actually a title, not a last name or surname.

For myself, mainly Sananda, Sanat, Sanatana, and Sanaka (people who greatly support the Earth Ascension and the rise of the Earth) are in contact as support.

Occasionally, I talk through a channeler in the voice of a live person.

That is because there are times when it comes to you (actually).

Interestingly, when I contacted Kumara through a channeler before

"I have a question for Kumara and others. If you tell

A female Kumara has come out.

And he gave me some tips.

Through the channeler, the conversation is, but it always includes confirmation content that only I can understand.

When I contact myself

Hold the paper and pen, or face the computer. It seems that there are many.

I will spell out each word one by one.

When it was over, each word was turned into a proper sentence. It's like that.

The wording is different for each Kumara.

So, when you finish writing and read it back, you can roughly understand who the word is.

Recently, I've been asked to give my name, so

At the end, he gives himself like a signature.

Previously, in the message text during healing,

"This is a proposal from Grade White Brotherfoot. 』\

There was Sanat Kumara who talked under the heading,

After that, a long sentence continues,

What is Grade Brotherhood myself? ?? ?? ??


In my case, it's a contact from actual experience, so

I often don't remember the name of something or the name of how to divide it into groups.

So, before I tell the client, I have to do some preliminary research! And what is Grade White Brotherhood? search for. Smile

Looking at the contents, "Oh! After all Sanat Kumara. "have become.

Sanat Kumara was the founder of Grade White Brotherhood.

There are many words I don't know or I don't use.

that? However, when I look it up, it has a proper meaning. There are quite a few things to say.

In Kumara Healing, Sanat Kumara equates with the Archangel Michael.

Originally, they are separate entities, but there is a part where the energy areas of Sanat Kumara and Michael overlap.

Sanat Kumara sits in the center of the underground world. It has a role to protect and control the earth's energy.

And Archangel Michael is also trying to purify the earth and improve energy as an angel who bears the earth energy.

Sanat Kumara and Michael are doing important work in a big role.

So, with an understanding of Kumara healing techniques, Archangel Michael supports Sanat Kumara. And we recognize that two people are one person.

Sanatana is a treasure trove of information.

Being a conscious spirit of Moses, it has the taste of a great sage and a great wizard.

Mr. Sanaka is the conscious spirit of Buddha. It looks like a cheerful hermit. (It's just my image.)

Watch warmly. Gently support from behind. That is the existence.

I don't talk much or send out messages, but I feel like I'm smiling in the back.

Mr. Sananda has been connected to me since I was a child.

Christ consciousness spirit.

He is always supporting me.

The way he speaks is unique and the nuances of the language make him immediately recognizable as Mr. Sananda.

There is a strong image of cheerful and playful.

I feel like I wrote it easily, but

After all, the existence of high vibrations that are very shining in each.

I have to work hard so that I can keep up with myself! !! I tell myself every day.

Kumara are the ones who watch over, help and guide people all over the world.

And the star seeds, the ones who protect the light workers.

I'm not always on my side

Connect your computer line to zoom, skype, or phone? It's like connecting with a line.

So I understand that I'm in contact with a lot of people.

One of the reasons I can contact you is

I think there was a role for the ancestors.

In fact, my mother's maiden name (in dialect reading) is Kumara. Is called. Is it accidental or inevitable! hey.

The Kumara clan is of the priesthood. It seems that he is good at listening to and seeing the voices of invisible beings.

And healing ability is one of them. Some of our ancestors have been active as healers.

What is Kumara Healing Technique?

This is an ascension energy technique for the age of integration that my aunt Rieko wrote in contact with Sananda around 1999.

It is taught as a practical technique after learning the basics of healing firmly.

From 2016, we entered the era of integration and took over the whole Kumara healing from my aunt to me.

That text written for this era. And it is a text that will be added for the future.

This time, Mr. Uesato, who collaborates as Kumara Numerology,

I learned Kumara healing from my aunt Rieko, a numerologist with many years of healing experience and 60 years of research and achievements.

You met me about 19 years ago.

Since Rieko retired, I was supposed to take over, so I invited Mr. Uesato, a practitioner.

I mainly connect with Sananda and Sanat.

Mr. Kamisato is easy to connect with Mr. Sanatana and Mr. Sanaka. Smile

Let's make the best use of each special skill. It is a flow.

Kumara Healing

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