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​Introducing the impressions of receiving Kumara numerology!

Impressions of receiving Kumara numerology

This is Tomoko Tanaka.
My hobby is looking for myself (laughs)  I have no choice but to laugh. ) I've tried various things and asked questions. Of course, I also tried to put out the number of my life (secret) with "numerology", and asked me to tell me the meaning.

"Oh, there may be more possibilities for me than I think."

"I thought I didn't like this kind of nature, but I can't help thinking from what I was born with."

What a feeling  Why are numerology showing me so well? I had the recognition that it was amazing.

By the way, Kumara is the Ascended Master Kumara. One of Kumara, Sanat Kumara (numerological support), seems to be said to have the same energy as Archangel Michael.

(Michael supports Sanat Kumara in the same energy area)

What I knew was the most "upper" healing of Reiki I was learning (the words may not be correct, but I can only learn after the basics 3 Degree, Diamond Healing). Kumara Healing  This is because I heard from my teacher, Acchi-san. I don't know what it is, but it looks interesting! I just received it (laughs).

In a nutshell, accurate numerological advice is wrapped in love from Sanat Kumara.

It was a message. Not to mention the accuracy of the numerology, as I read it, in my case, "I am grateful for letting me walk this life", it is surprisingly humble and thank you. It was like that the feeling was soaked in.

The basic design of human life called "I", and for that purpose "what I got".

I think many people, not just me, tend to be indifferent to what they have or ask, "What is that?"

As I read it over and over again, I realize how grateful it is and the reality of receiving a lot of support.

Of course, I was able to take a word of caution so that I wouldn't be scooped up for those gifts.

Personally, I was interested in the section "things with a deep connection". At first glance, the words "Why is this?" Are lined up, but when I look at each one, it is true that "Oh, by the way, there are many people around me who are involved in such things even though they are not at work." I was wondering why I often get along with these people, but why do I connect with them? "

In addition to lucky numbers and lucky colors, it also touches on revitalizing fortune.

On top of that, explanations of biorhythms and words that should be used as guidelines for one's life.

In 2019, when this change is big, if you feel like walking in viscous water that you are not moving well in your own direction, you will surely be able to take a deep breath. I think I get the feeling that I got a place to do it.

Finally, Mr. Atchi took down and spun a message from Mr. Sanat Kumara, the ascended master. The content of this service may vary greatly depending on the person who receives this service, but I received a great sense of relief and a feeling of gratitude.

Throughout  I think this is an advice to life, and I think it is a word of love from all beings who are always watching over me, "I can't see but stay by my side."
Every time I read it back  It was such a report that you can see that you are breathing in a big love.

When I happened to take out my smartphone in the lobby of the hospital, I was asked for a monitor. To be honest, I don't remember well, but I applied.


The most memorable word is "a life where you can experience fire and water over and over again like training a Japanese sword, and be erected to grow into a person like steel, and finally sacred. It's a life where awakening to things awaits. "
In my life with big ups and downs, I often think that it is unreasonable to think "It's tough" or "Why ?!", so I think I was always careful. So, "Learn to develop the ability to relax and refresh, to relieve mental tension, and to enjoy the beauty of life and the enjoyment of the five senses abundantly." For that reason, I wonder if the spirit I am doing now is good.

Also, it seems that two years from this year is a great time. And it seems that the harvest period is four years later. It's okay to imagine myself in the future, but I wish I could spend my time in a good mood.

Guidance & support is said to be Sarutahiko and Tianyu. Of course, I knew it, but I didn't think I had anything to do with it. However, when I looked it up in detail, I thought it was funky and cool. And, ah, I was strangely convinced that it was reasonable.


A hard life while reading their reports. I can't afford to enjoy the quest in front of me yet, but I hope I can keep this report in my heart and cherish a little joy and excitement. Thank you very much.

MN .

Choose either way of life yourself! !! Absolute World: Kumara Numerology & Message from Kumara Master.

(Excerpted from some blog articles.)


When I received this certificate,


"Read carefully, change the day,
If you read it back again,

It will be easier to feel down.
Where I want to resist,

It's an issue now ... "

"Because it's okay to be slow

Of time without rushing

Even at one time ❤️ "

What you wrote.

And in the message from the Ascendet Master Kumara

"To yourself as you are

Let's get in touch.
Beyond many times. Sanatana Kumara "

There is a sentence that says, that part is

I was very satisfied with it, so

This time, I didn't rush

"I have to write my impressions soon!"

Abandon guilt,
"Even if it's a little late, you can enjoy the changes and write your impressions after you want to write them!"

I decided to do it. (^^;)


Actually, about 10 days after I received this certificate, my birthday was.

In this Kumara numerology certificate,
The annual biorhythm is also listed,

For Kumara numerology,
"At the timing of your birthday

What time are you in (every age / year)? "But

It will change, so before and after your birthday

I wanted to actually experience and taste the change. (^^;)

During the past month after receiving the certificate,

This time, the content of the appraisal was surprisingly firm in me

I started to fall in love
"What do you do with the important things (axis, role, existence value) in me?"
The theme has a great influence on real life, as mentioned above.

The external environment such as moving in the home is also how you feel

A big change in psychology

I am born.

Choose either way of life yourself! !! Absolute World: Kumara Numerology & Message from Kumara Master. (Excerpt from blog)

I was just a sensory person, and I thought I was guided by my intuition so far, but I thought that was the case !! I am grateful that I am always supported! Thanks! is.

I was able to realize that I was really receiving a lot of gifts.

Thank you.

The role that I was born with. I have something in common with my mission and what I am doing now, and I have the courage to take a step forward.

Sananda. I was very happy with the message from Kumara! There is an infinite universe in me !!


Thank you for your many notices and messages.

I read it over and over again.

I received the message of love ☆


After reading it, I thought about my impressions and read it several times.
Every time, at that timing, I can give a boost to myself, ask a question, etc. I can say that as many times as I want, and I want to keep it at hand, read it several times. That was what I felt.

It was also a time when I was asking myself what I should be, and I'm glad I was able to convey this, but I'm glad that I was able to receive good things when I needed them, and the people around me gave me this kind of thing. I was also grateful for the wonderfulness of (^^)

thank you!


I received the report by email and read it

It feels like a combination of biorhythm, numerology, reading and channeling messages.


Very unique. Is it different from the numerology you know?


I don't know how to write it, so my report is "partially published".

Click here to continue! I received a blog post titled "Kumara Numerology-Invitation to the World of Absolute Numbers".

I wonder why I got caught Oh, no, why did I understand (explosion)


Mr. Kamisato should not know me about the words written in the report,

Of course you don't even know what you're doing.


But "six senses work", "the power to see people is endowed", "wisdom, wisdom"

Not to mention the words that explain me

The parable I'm using.

Well, to put it simply, when I was explaining "The story of the pattern of the soul that reincarnates beyond space-time" with an example, I understood that "Oh, this person knows that I understand this story." I laughed bitterly.



From light information sharing

Even overseas hardcore guys who "explain to the point where they can act"

I've had you read it because of the connection


As far as I know, it may be close to that overseas.


Oh yeah, the keyword was also written,

I came to this (bitter smile)

Far from my current life, "Surely in that era. .. .. It even reminds me of the connection

I was laughing alone.

Certainly, even in this world, I was attracted to what was written in the keyword, and I was already involved. Smile


for example.

Foreigners, university professors, experts, successful people, physicians, philosophy, religion, trade, large libraries, universities, fragrant medicinal plants, high-value things ...

(Sighs) People who understand it are likely to be laughed at. (LOL)



And the squeeze

There was a message from Mr. Kumara, the Ascended Master.

(I was wondering who Kumara was. Explosion.)


"To you who go back and forth between the ancient times and the present age, beyond the great times"


It's a prospect.

But let me reconfirm that what I've done so far isn't in vain.

I was grateful. It was such a content. I wonder why you know it. Smile.


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