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About Remote Healing-Be sure to read. -

Healing is always accompanied by "bad effects" and "improvement reactions".

It varies from person to person, so I can't say, "It's like this."
Depending on the recipient, symptoms such as nausea, dizziness, dullness, headache, fever, emotional ups and downs, unpleasant memories, etc. are likely to appear before and after healing.


Not all recipients will see it.

It does not mean that healing is not working because this symptom does not appear.

Depending on the recipient, it is different.

It would be helpful if those who receive healing recognize that this bad symptom is likely to occur.

It is said that the bad symptom is caused by the "unnecessary energy" that you have until now being discharged to the outside.

It also seems to be a renewal action performed for harmony with your new energy.

Basically, 21 days is the bad start period.

Although there are individual differences, it is said that new energy will be stabilized in 21 days. It is said that even in the world of healing (which is especially easy for women), the bad luck is 21 days because it is a cycle of 21 days (21 to 28 days) even at the physical level.

During this period, be conscious and try to drink more water than usual, and take a good rest.


If it is harder than you think, there is a possibility that the hidden illness has surfaced .

If you're curious, don't hesitate to go to the hospital!

The healing I provide is not aimed at treating illness.


The above may be the cause of poor physical condition that occurs after receiving healing, so please be aware of this when applying for healing.

Healing will be done with the above matters in mind.

Those who apply for healing are those who have worked with energy, those who are studying, those who can self-heal, those who are absolutely necessary! I will limit it to those who can judge for themselves, those who have received the healing provided by me even once, and those who can accept it as their own responsibility even if evil occurs.

​ Anyone can receive chakra clearing healing.

When applying, it would be helpful if you could introduce yourself (self-introduction) to me.

Please specify your name, gender and age.

(Healing for those who don't know at all is because I'm nervous because I'm nervous, so I'd be happy if I could imagine it even a little.)

Healing is not relaxation, as it regulates one's own energy and improves healing ability.

Also, if you don't feel it, something strange happens, or you don't understand it at all, it depends on the receiving power, the sharpness of the senses, and the necessity of the recipient, so I think it may be disappointing. If you want to have a mysterious experience, I don't recommend it.



We will provide the remote healing, which has been provided as a temporary menu since September 2016, as a formal menu.

We will revise the price for the temporary menu, and for the official menu, the price will include the fee and the difference in dollars.

Please check the menu .

Many people a day! I can't do it, so I will accept it one by one.

It may make you wait, but thank you for your cooperation.

The payment method is PayPal deposit or credit card.

We will inform you when your application is approved.




Postscript → I will receive healing, I will accept it. It seems that the bad start has started from the time when both (with me) agreed.

I was reminded by the reports of the people who received it.

This happens because the universe has a different time axis. If it is difficult, "It will start after you declare receipt. Please declare. "I will receive it" by my own consciousness. I recognize that it is happening ahead of schedule because I have declared it to me (and the universe), and that it is happening because my body and soul need it rather than thinking consciously. ..

Please acknowledge the above and apply.

How to apply  Please apply by email from this link.

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