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Ascended master

St. Germain

Saint Germain  

  Alchemy has come to mean the conversion of consciousness set to "time" into the natural state of light. This is an ongoing process.

The adventures of Saint Germain are as realistic or illusionary as one would perceive, as everything in reality is just a conscious hologram set at the time of a fantastic experience. It was a target.


Saint Germain is due to many roles in history, including Jesus Christ.

This connects us to extraterrestrials and the Anunnaki.

Also, Saint Germain is

Also known as the same soul as the Egyptian god Thoth.



In New Age spiritualism, Saint Germain is associated with purple and gem amethyst and is known as the Master of the Seventh (Purple) Ray of Cosmic Consciousness.

According to theosophy, the Seventh (Purple) Ray is the seven metaphysical principles that govern both the individual souls and their respective astrological eras spanning 2,158 years.


Also, the next astrological era, the era of St. Germain, is managed by the 7th (purple) ray (ceremonial ray), so Saint Germain is sometimes the "Space Master of the era of St. Germain". Is called.


In Max Heindel's writings on the Rose Cross, the Count of St. Germain (18th century) was a mysterious individual born in the 13th century.

Described as one of the late incarnations of Christian Rosenkreuz, the chief of the Rose Crusaders. (Previous life)

According to this author, Rosenkreuz was a Lazaro in the previous premortal life and was a Bible character in the New Testament.

It is also said that he was Hyrum Abiff, the son of a widow Freemasonry.



In the 1925 book, The Masters and the Path by CW Leadbeater, a follower of theology, Saint Germain was referred to by both the names "Conted Saint Germain" and "Master Lacoch." I am.

On page 240 of The Masters and the Path, performing a magical ritual at his castle in Transylvania,

Saint Germain said, "Wearing a golden chain mail suit that was once owned by the Roman emperor,

A magnificent crimson cloak is draped over it, with a diamond and amethyst seven-star star on its clasp.

Sometimes he wears a stunning purple robe. "

Is written.


In Alice Bailey's book, Saint Germain is also known as "Master Lacozzi".

Alice A. Bailey's book "Externalizing the Hierarchy (1934)" provides the most information about his reputed role as an ascended master.

  His title is referred to as the "Lord of Civilization" and he is said to telepathically influence those who are seen by him as helping to bring about a new civilization in the Aquarius era.

  Alice A. Bailey says "someday after AD 2025" Jesus Christ, Saint Germain, Kutsumi, and others in the ascended master hierarchy (except Gautama Buddha) will "externalize" I said I would.

In other words, he would descend from the ethereal surface and physically live on Earth in an ashram surrounded by his disciples.


In the Godfre Ray King and Law of Life books, Saint Germain is Jesus' adoptive father Joseph, King Arthur's court magician Marlin, Roger Bacon, German Christian Rosenkreuz, Christopher Columbus, Francis Bacon, Prince Lacoch of Transylvania. (Previous life)

These beliefs about his previous incarnation are also universal in the church, in addition to his incarnation as the ancient Jewish prophet Samuel, as St. Allban, and as the high priest of the White Wizard of Atlantis. Disseminated by the victors.

Guy Ballard claims that his book "Magic Presence" was directed at him by Saint Germain. (The official I Am version of "Magic Presence," considered a sacred scripture, is printed on lavender paper in purple typeface.)


According to the Prophet Elizabeth Claire, Saint-Germain rose on May 1, 1684.

Sir Francis Bacon is said to have died in 1626,

  The Prophet claims that the body of Sir Francis Bacon's funeral casket was not his own, but attended his own funeral.

Perhaps he lived until his ascension in 1684.

Therefore, according to the Prophet, the historic Saint Germain was already an ascended master.

In the church, the universal and triumphant Saint Germain is outweighed only by Jesus Christ (Sananda Kumara), Gautama Buddha (Sanaka Kumara), and Sanat Kumara "Lord of the World". Is considered a god.

It is believed by some that Saint Germain is alive and actively working with Jesus Christ and the benevolent aliens to enact the law.

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