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Using howlite turquoise beads obtained from sedona


Earrings & earrings

Dreamcatcher choker

I got howlite turquoise beads when I went to a training camp with a member of the Great Black Pillar of the Americas to Sedna.

I used the beads to make dream catcher accessories, earrings, earrings, and chokers.

Howlite and turquoise are different stones.

Howlite turquoise is a white stone called howlite that is colored like turquoise.

Arizona, where Sedona is located, has many natural stones, including howlite.

Personally, howlite feels pure and rustic and is a good stone.

Howlite turquoise is becoming the mainstream of turquoise-like stones sold as accessories. (Magnesite too)

Turquoise, the amount is decreasing and it is becoming more expensive. ..

Howlite turquoise seems to have sedative, imaginative and creativity-enhancing effects.

It helps you organize your emotions, develops receptiveness, and encourages positive work.

Great for dream catchers!

Lapis lazuli (sazare beads) is also attached to the earrings and earrings.

A guide to the way to get rid of evil.

It also enhances your intuition.

Jasper for the choker.

The best stone for grounding.

It is said to be a healing stone that gives a sense of security.

And I matched the dragon head and the hawk's feather to the accent.

There are two types of chokers, red and black.

There will be one for each.

​​ Black is sold out.

Red is sold out.

Price sold out

Mailing fee included

The earrings are sold out.

The earrings are sold out.

Choker black, red, both

It's sold out.


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