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M∞N   Light   Necklace
Moon necklace

​White Moonstone & Black Moonstone


​ Rainbow moonstone

Was made into a necklace with the light of the moon.


White moonstone is a stone with a lot of love energy.

White moonstone is popular as an excellent healing stone that relieves stress, restores mental leeway, and is said to give light of hope to the dark and heavy heart.


It is a jewel that is said to smooth human relationships and detect the true state of others.

It is also effective when you want to avoid unnecessary conflicts in advance and find friends and colleagues who are compatible with each other.

Rich relationships increase the satisfaction of life.

With the meaning and characteristics of easy delivery, the light inside the white moonstone is regarded as a symbol of "new life" and is popular as a charm to welcome new life.

If you already have children, it can serve as an attraction to improve your family's luck.


It also calms the mind, concentrates on work while having its own axis, and supports creative activities.

It is also effective when you want to get stable results.

It is also a jewel to help you regain confidence, fully develop your strengths and achieve maximum results in your area of expertise, and will lead you to success in the most direct way.


Rainbow Moonstone adds energy that brings light to spiritual and spiritual life, eliciting divine femininity .


It is a very spiritual stone that enhances spiritual ability and natural intuition.


It strengthens the aura, protects you from negative energies, keeps you clean and clear with energies, eliminates illusions and encourages your true intentions to become clearer.

It is a transformational stone that strengthens the inner original emotions and helps to heal old memories, including problems of past life.


It is one of the best stones to help break addictive habits, both physically and mentally.

Assist in the face of change and challenges, supporting strength and patience.


Rainbow Moonstone is an Ascension Stone that can help prepare your body and energy and become a bridge to connect with your best self.


Black moonstone is known as a gem that helps the birth of belongings with the meaning and characteristics of creating new things.

The black moon means the new moon.

When the new moon changes to a full moon, it gets brighter and brighter, so it supports you when you want to change yourself or the environment.

It is also useful when you want to turn the difficulty into an opportunity, and it is believed to have the power to calm people's minds, and it can suppress unnecessary negative energy.



Since ancient times, moonstone has been valued as a wonderful healing gem. It not only heals, but also gives energy for the future.

Black moonstone is a balance of strength and tenderness. Since it is a versatile jewel, it is said to be useful for various types of wishes, and it will enhance your spiritual strength and support your ability to fulfill your wishes.

It is said that you can receive the energy to gain success or luck, and it is also effective when you want to gain confidence.

The light in the black moonstone is a symbol of hope.

It is said that it is good to illuminate the surroundings, increase the choices of life, and wear it when you feel that you are at a dead end, and it is said that the support of Black Moonstone will promote circulation.


5 White Moonstones 1 Remaining

3 Rainbow Moonstones 1 Remaining

5 Black Moonstones 3 Remaining

I carved a rough stone and made it.

For each stone,

There is a natural clerk.

​ The height of each stone is different.

​ Black moonstone has flat eyes.

You can choose white, rainbow, or black moonstone,

As for each stone, I am looking forward to seeing which stone will come.

(Some black moonstones are brownish or pinkish.)

Made in Israel 925 silver used

Made in Italy with 925 silver chain

One ¥ 15,800-

(postage included)

Size and length when worn on the chest (reference)

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