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Smartphone amulet image list

Togitsu Kana & Atchii    


"Hinatabokko. 』\

The law of the 360 degree universe

Energy to maintain harmony and calm

"Eggs. 』\

Birth of a new earth

It leads to the vibration of the love of the earth.

Grounding energy

"Sho Hakuryu. 』\

Clear your thoughts

To be able to make a firm intention

Support energy

"Frog. 』\

Return to your own soul.

As you are

​ Grounding support energy

"Are you? 』\

Energy to let go of shackles and support the liberation of your soul freely and happily

"Kingyo. 』\

​Great circulation support.

​ Fortune & circulation.

​Coming soon ...

Healing Angel   Healing Guardian

​ Connect with your guardian angel and support you to spend time with peace

Coming soon ...

Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael's protection and great healing support

As for the image, we will send you a JPEG file of 3 sizes according to the type of smartphone by e-mail.

Android 16: 9 (1080x1920px)
Android 18: 9 (1440x2880px)
iphone X (1125x2436px)
It will be.

Smartphone amulet image (wallpaper) ¥ 3,000-

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