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Christmas socks

Fun bag


How about Christmas socks packed with some handmade accessories?

In small Christmas socks

Glittering accessories.

We have 10 Christmas socks available.

We will deliver to a limited number of 10 people.


Introducing each.


Orgonite Pendulum

It is a glittering pendulum.

Orgonite is the existence of ethereal energy (life energy, chai, etc.) that Dr. Wilhelm Reich called "orgone" in the 1930s and 1940s, using a modified Geiger counter. It is said that it was created from the research that started from the detection and measurement of the energy, and changed to the present shape.

It is said to absorb negative energy (excessive electromagnetic wave motion, etc.) and convert it into positive energy.

Pendulum is a "pendulum" used for dowsing. It's a tool for listening to the subconscious rather than spiritual.

I think that the physical body is easier to reflect the voice of the subconscious (soul) than our own consciousness. Depending on the question, the pendulum moves through the body that causes delicate vibrations to read it.

​ I also added chakra colored stones to make the orgonite pendulum full of energy.

Enjoy which organite pendulum is included! It will be.


Mini rosary

The Rosary is a beaded prayer tool used to repeatedly recite the prayer to the Virgin Mary ( Ave Maria ) in the Catholic Church , and that prayer.

The Rosary prayer is a traditional prayer that repeats "Ave Maria" and meditates on the main events of Jesus Christ in the Gospels .

Most are said to be used during private prayer rather than liturgical acts such as mass.

The original rosary has a basic prayer method (counting method), and the number and shape of the beads are made according to it, but this mini rosary is an easy-to-carry amulet and easy to carry. It is made for prayer that can be used habitually.

​ It is a recommended mini rosary for beginners.

Vintage medai is used for the medai part.

Red rosary carnelian.

Red and white rosary carnelian and opalite

White rosary moonstone

White and light blue rosary moonstone and milky aquamarine

Dark purple rosary purple pyrite

Blue Rosary Kyanite

Blue and light blue rosary kyanite and milky aquamarine

Green Rosary Ruby Zoisite

Stay tuned for what's in your Christmas socks! Become.


Resin jewelry

Cute earrings and earrings made of resin.

I finished it with cute flowers that look like Christmas.

Glitter with a three-dimensional effect.

You can choose between earrings and earrings.

Earrings will be hook earrings.

We look forward to seeing which resin jewelry is included.


In addition, there are other items that you can enjoy and enter!

looking forward to! !! !!

Christmas socks fun bag

¥ 10000- per bag (socks)

Sign up here.

Applications will be accepted by December 25th, but the number of people will be limited to 10 and the deadline will be as soon as they run out.

As soon as there is an application, it will be shipped at any time after 10 days.

Since it is shipped from the United States, it may take 10 days to 2 weeks, but since it is Christmas season, arrival may be delayed.Please understand.

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