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Apache tiers

(Apache tears)

One size fits all 925 silver ring & necklace

Only one point for each

Silver ring separatelyFree size Appropriate size around No. 16

¥ 12,000- (shipping included) Sold out

Apache Tears Necklace separately

¥ 8,500- (shipping included) Sold out

Apache Tears Necklace and Ring Set

¥ 18,500- (shipping included) Sold out

I had you apply. thank you!


Apache Tears are obsidian from (Apache tears) and Arizona, New Mexico.

Legend has it that Apache women shed tears of sorrow.

Amorphous natural vitreous volcanic rock formed when volcanic lava cools and hardens faster than crystal formation. The pearl rock contains spherical obsidian and volcanic activity. It is produced in the place where it was or in the area where it is currently active.

Also, although it is not certain, it is also called Apache Tears, which is said to be a natural vitreous volcanic rock generated by heating due to the fall of lightning.

​ There are also Apache tiers that are more transparent than ordinary obsidian, making it a unique natural stone.

This ring is made by carving the Apache Tears from Arizona.

It brings mental healing such as stones that heal sadness, emotional stability, peace of mind, and mental stability.

​ The energetic difference from obsidian feels gentler and calm than obsidian, which has grounding power.


Set with Apache Tears Necklace


​I had you apply. thank you!

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