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Blue fluorite
Round unisex 925 silver ring (one size fits all)

A 925 silver ring made from precious blue fluorite from Arizona.

It is a thick ring that uses plenty of silver and is finished in one size fits all, so it can be worn by both men and women.


Appropriate size around No. 18

¥ 19,000- (shipping included) Sold out. Sold out!


In general, we obtain blue fluorite from Arizona, which is rarely distributed, as rough stones, carve out the rough stones, and carefully polish them one by one to make engraved jewelry using 925 silver.

Blue Fluorite from Arizona is found in one of the few blue fluorite mines.

This mine in Arizona is considered a secret area (to prevent it from being devastated) and is rarely distributed to the general public, but mine tours are planned by professional Japanese tour guides.
It is a precious natural stone that has not been distributed to companies.

As the etymology of fluorite (flow of light), it promotes the flow of things and supports you to ride the waves of light.
In addition, this blue color close to indigo activates the 6th chakra and supports the connection with the wisdom of the universe like blue fluorite, which is also called the genius stone.

Open your third eye and promote your spiritual talent.

In addition, the blue color is also regarded as a purifying color, leading to a neutral state both physically and mentally. It will be a natural stone suitable for mental balance.


Fluorite is also a stone with many natural cracks.

Natural cracks occur due to stone growth process, natural fluctuations, pressure, etc.
The crack is also one of the tastes of fluorite.
It can be said to be a symbol of the strength of nature.


There are various types of fluorite such as purple, green, and blue, but among them, blue fluorite, which has the lowest distribution volume, is an expensive natural stone.

Jewelery made of silver has the effects of purification, amulet, and amulet, and when worn, it repels and protects evil spirits.

Thank you for your order.

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