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Kinkasan Koganeyama Shrine Donate ~ Planning

I'm here again this year. Kinkasan Koganeyama donation project! !! Last year, we solicited donations at the Sedna training camp. This year, the training camp "I want to go to Mt. Shasta! However, the schedule has not been decided ... However, I would like to donate to Kinkasan Koganeyama Shrine! Therefore, I would like to think about collaboration with the members of the medicine box and the members of the main pillar of light, and plan donations.

The first donation project Tomoko Tanaka & Acchi collaboration

"Miracle sand" of the church of Santowario de Chimayo
(EL Santuario de Chimayo)
​ In a small bottle, "Pendulum! !! !! 』\


Chimayo is a village famous for textiles, 38 km northeast of Santa Fe (New Mexico). Located along Route 76, known as the "Road to Taos," it is lined with old Spanish-style villages and the scenic views of Georgia O'Keeffe.
In this village there is a small church called EL Santuario de Chimayo, which is famous for its "miracle sand". It is said that sprinkling this sand will cure illnesses and injuries, and pilgrims are constantly on the rise.

​ See Miraculous Sand Church of Santowario de Chimayo

It is said that "miracle sand" naturally springs from the earth and will never run out no matter how much you draw, so it seems that they are forming a long line to bring back "miracle sand".
There are many thank-you notes from people who have recovered from their illness or injury, and crutches that are no longer in use, so you can see how profitable they are.


Tomoko Tanaka went to this church of Santuario de Chimayo! !!
This miraculous sand that many people have brought back for years and years, but it is a mysterious sand that never runs out.

Tomoko Tanaka brought back this "miracle sand".

If you can give it to everyone! !! !! I launched this project.


Then, I, Acchi, packed the "miracle sand" into a small small bottle and finished this small bottle into a pendulum.
Simple and cute.

It can also be used as a necklace (chain length is about 50 cm). It is fashionable and practical, and of course you can open the inside.

This "miracle sand" is the sand of the church,

Speaking of sand, it's associated with Egypt, and collaboration with Egyptian mythology is also interesting! !! I made a natural stone charm with the motif of scarab, which is said to be the sun god in Egyptian mythology.

​ I had a natural stone with a scarab pattern at hand, decorated it with 925 silver, and attached it to the chain.

(The chain part is not silver.)


Click the image to go to each detail page.

Or click on each name.

Onyx sold out.
Tiger eye sold out.

Unakite sold out.

Jade (Jade) sold out.
Jasper sold out.

All sold out.

Thank you very much.

Jasper, Tiger Eye, Onyx, Jade (Jade),

Five types of unakite. A total of 10 pieces are sold, 2 pieces each.

¥ 10,000- (shipping included)

A part of the sales will be donated to Kinkasan Koganeyama Shrine.


Unhook the chain and turn it into a pendulum! !! !!


And I will also attach the "Pendulum Sheet Card" in the photo. (With a simple instruction manual)


Card size 13 x 18 cm

​ Laminated

Sold out. thank you! !!

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