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Introducing Akasik Gate Akasha aka Uriel

This painting itself is an upgraded version, the first is a watercolor painting,
I changed it to CG, but something was different. .. .. It's been 8 years since I rewrote it.

It became the current picture.

This picture is the closest.

Eight years ago, this person! I asked the person who thought that I had an Akashic record attunement remotely.

When I closed my eyes and had energy transfer


Suddenly, a gray cloud was flowing in the darkness in front of me. It's also a lot of clouds.

An image that can be seen in front of you in a realistic and solid manner.

Until now, I often said that when I tried to see something, I got an image, but at that time, it was clear, clear, and firm, as if I was watching a movie. It "looked" like that, as if it were really there.
The clouds are flowing slowly ...


Suddenly, a van! The field of view widened as if making a noise. It's like a panoramic image.

There is something in the center of the image, something shining round ...
It's getting closer and closer.

I'm not approaching, I'm approaching.

At first, the moon or the stars? I was wondering, but as the light approached, I found someone standing in front of the light.


I can see a clear expression.

You can see big white feathers.

Beautiful black hair.

I wore a white dress ... an angel.



It has a slightly bulging Japanese-style look.


But his eyes were very beautiful and dignified.


It's scary, but very beautiful.


There is an angel in a really proper form. It really exists. I was so shocked.


I knew that I was there, and it was natural for me to feel and talk about its existence, but it was the first time I met so clearly.


Until now, I mean,
You can imagine it even if you can't see it.
I can feel that affection.
And it will give you a message as needed.
Or, it will tell you in overflowing words. .. ..
It was like that.

It's said to be so clear and clear in front of me (I'm closing my eyes, but I can see them clearly by closing my eyes). .. Where is it? A different dimensional space.

This was quite a shock.



And the key and stone in the palms of both hands.
He is giving it to me.






I knew instantly that the angel was Uriel.

understood. Should I say that?

But why Uriel? Wasn't it an Akashic record attunement?


At that time, I was more interested in the energy than Akashic Records.
I didn't know the details of Akashic Records.
I want you to do an attunement. Or rather,
I've been naturally acadic since I first thought about it, so what is that attunement? I was interested in that.


Is the acachic that the world says is the same as the acachic that I know? And. Smile

I licked it. Hi.



As expected, Akashic Records is an area that is open to people. The person's information was not wrong. Smile.

After the attunement was over, I read the attached text that I hadn't read.



The words to say when accessing Akashic Records ...

"To the north. There is a triangle of light at the third eye. Uriel, the angel of Akashic Records (A KA THA), is inside the triangle. Open the door to the Hall of Fame of Records. 』\


There was a word saying.

Uriel, the angel of Akashic Records (Akasha).



Ah. After all, it was Uriel.




Akasha is another name for Akashic Records, but its keeper is also called Akasha.

Therefore, I call my painting "Akasha aka Uriel" without permission.



Since I was shown, I draw.

That is my job.

The reason why I drew a picture of an angel was

From an angel


"Draw a picture of an angel. By seeing it, the angels can reach out to them (because they can engrave their appearance in the subconscious). 』\

Because it was shown.

Already about 15 years ago.


The tunnel and gate to this Akashic record must be drawn exactly. from.



Why should I draw it?


Well, that's my job.


And the people who get it,

I'm sure you'll be invited to Akasik.


It wasn't me who invited me to Akasik,
Akasik. That's right.


Therefore, I draw the image as it is with the energy as it is.

By doing that, the painting conveys the will of Akasik.


The stone in your hand is the "will."

Akasik's will.


Do you receive the intention of the Akashic Records?



The key you have in your hand is the key that opens up yourself.

Stepping into Akashic Records is

You need to be prepared to face your own past, future, and present.
But that determination is also the determination to say that you "live" yourself.

That's why it's the key.


The will of Akasik becomes your will, and when you receive the key, you use the key to open up your own life.

There are cosmic beings who support you from all directions.



Even if I don't provide attunement, this picture will invite everyone.

The energy is attuned to Akasik in this painting itself.


I'm sure it's a picture I drew for that.

This picture of Akasik Gate will be on sale.

5x7 inch $ 180

Including matte paper


By all means! If you say that, please leave a message.
Contact Cosmic Medicine.

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