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Silver Violet Flame Attunement

Silver Violet Frame Attunement

~ What is Silver Violet Frame ~

Silver Violet Flame is an Ascended Master,

A purifying light managed by Saint Germain.

Saint Germain originally managed the Vioret Flame, but

By adding silver light in response to the changing demands of the times,

The Silver Violet Flame was born.

Violet frames were used to transform negative energy into love and light.

An ancient energy technique.

It was lost for some time, but was then slowly reintroduced for use by humankind in the 20th century. During the Harmonic Convergence on August 16th and 17th, 1987, a large number of light workers around the world

In prayer, Saint Germain asks Source to dispense for humanity.

Violet Flame is now widely available to anyone.

Archangel Zadokiel also manages this light.

In 1998, under the control of Archangel Zadkiel, Grace and Harmony's Silver Ray was released to humankind.

Fused with the Vioret Flame, the purple flame of transformation and mercy,

It is said that its power has been further enhanced.

The frame (flame) contains colors from lavender to lilac to deep violet,

It will be the seventh ray of cosmic consciousness.

The silver violet frame is

For those who hear the community or call for spiritual service to humanity,

It also provides the wisdom needed to overcome selfishness in our lives.

The Silver Violet Frame has the qualities of freedom, alchemy, justice, joy, forgiveness and mercy.

As a result, the silver violet frame

Our spiritual, including everything from self-loathing to physical viruses

Or it transforms all the negative energies that remain in the physical being.

In New Age spiritualism, Saint Germain is associated with purple and gem amethyst.

Its name is known as the "Master of the Seventh (Purple) Ray".

According to theosophy, the seventh (purple) ray is the seven metaphysical principles of the individual soul,

Manages both of each astrological era over 2,158 years,

Now, because the era of this water bottle is controlled by the 7th (purple) ray of the consciousness of the universe,

Saint Germain is sometimes referred to as the "Space Master of the Age of Aquarius ."

Attunement of silver violet frame


It is an energy transfer to make it easier to summon the energy of the Silver Violet Frame.
By receiving attunement

Anyone can call this silver violet frame,

You will be able to perform self-healing, face-to-face / remote healing to others, and attunement to others.

It has a very good purification power and strongly purifies and transforms negative energy.

Since it has a very good purification power, it also promotes the awakening of the blindfolded consciousness.

Many people take attunements before learning Hands-on-Healing.

It is also a feature of the silver violet frame.

As we spend the era of Aquarius, it is the flame of this purification.

The seventh (purple) ray of cosmic consciousness becomes very important.

It is an energy transfer that I would like you to convey widely.

~~ *** ~~

For many, now will be a very important time of purification.

To spend your time meaningfully

We are spending so many sacrifices and so many times of great difficulty.

The original appearance of the earth, which seems to be this miniature garden, is incredibly magnificent, free,

And it is a brilliant star.

I think we are preparing a grand trip with you.

They are by no means in vain.

Let's overcome this era while holding hands in the direction of shining consciousness.

It is the time of reverberation creation (co-creation).

Every moment of you is for us

It is a distant time, and it is a moment (a moment that includes the flow of distant time).

Please take good care of yourself.

St. Germain

~~ *** ~~

Silver violet frame



¥ 12,000-

Descriptive text (6 pages) with PDF file

Attunement is a remote method.

After applying, as soon as the attunement is completed

We will notify you by email.

To spaceYou will receive it while meditating in the receipt declaration.

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